Act V: Walkthrough

After taking the portal from the Pandemonium Fortress, you’ll arrive in the Barbarian town of Harrogath. This is the last Act to complete in Diablo II. Notable rewards as you complete quests:

  • Q1: Siege on Harrogath – Lazruk will apply a socket to an item of your choice (note – this can be saved for later)
  • Q2: Rescue on Mount Arreat – allows you to hire mercenaries and rewards you with 3 runes
  • Q3: Prison of Ice – grants you a scroll to click on and apply a permanent +10 to all resistances
  • Q4: Betrayal of Harrogath – Malah will personalize an item of your choice (note – this can be saved for later)
Q1: Siege on Harrogath

Speak to Lazruk in Harrogath to be given Q1. He can be found on the east side of town. He will tell you that to “prove yourself” that you must kill Shenk in the Bloody Foothills.

  • Quest Giver: Larzuk in Harrogath
  • Travel: Bloody Foothills
  • Objective: Kill Shenk the Overseer
  • Reward: Lazruk will apply a socket to an unsocketed item


Venture out into Bloody Foothills past the town’s gate. Search for Shenk the Overseer. Shenk will be surrounded by a lot of mobs that “explode.” He can be easy to miss sometimes with all the animated graphics going on. Defeat him and return back to Lazruk in town.

Q2: Rescue on Mount Arreat

Speak to Qual-Kehk in the middle of Harrogath to to get Q2.

  • Quest Giver: Qual-Kehk in Harrogath
  • Travel: Bloody Foothills > Frigid Highlands
  • Waypoint to Acquire: Frigid Highlands
  • Objective: Search for and free 15 Barbarian prisoners contained within wood prisons
  • Reward: Qual-Kehk will give you three runes and allow you to hire mercenaries


If you dropped a portal where you killed Shenk for Q1, take it to return back to the Bloody Foothills. You’ll continue northward and reach the Frigid Highlands.

Once in Frigid Highlands, search the area for square wooden prisons containing Barbarians. The prisons will be located randomly throughout the zone and appear on your map as you get closer to them. They all have a door to click on and destroy. Once you free 15 prisoners, return back to Qual-Kehk in town.

Q3: Prison of Ice

Completing Q2 is a prerequisite for this quest.

  • Quest Giver: Malah in Harrogath
  • Travel: Frigid Highlands (WP) > Arreat Plateau > Crystalline Passage > Frozen River
  • Waypoints to Acquire: Arreat Plateau, Crystalline Passage
  • Objective: Find Anya in the Frozen River and rescue her from the prison of ice using the potion Malah provided you the second time you speak to her.
  • Reward: Scroll item to click which grants you a permanent 10+ to all resistances


Malah will tell you to search the Frozen River for Anya. This will require travel through a couple of areas. Once you make it to the The Crystalline Passage, try and get the WP first. This area leads you to two different zones – the Frozen River and the Glacial Trail. You’ll need to return back later for Q5.

Find the passageway leading to the Frozen River and search for Anya. Upon finding her, she will be guarded by a unique mob named Frozenstein. Kill the mob and then speak to Anya. You’ll have to return back to town and speak to Malah again to get a potion which will thaw Anya out of her ice prison. Once you have the potion go back to Anya and use it on her.

Once Anya is released, she will exit the area and go to Harrogath. Head back to town and speak with Malah and then with Anya.

Q4: Betrayal of Harrogath

Anya will become a permanent NPC in Harrogath while Nihlathak becomes noticeably absent.

  • Quest Giver: Anya in Harrogath
  • Travel: Anya’s portal to Nihlathak’s Temple > Halls of Anguish > Halls of Pain > Halls of Vaught
  • Waypoints to Acquire: Halls of Pain
  • Objective: Find and defeat Nihlathak in the Halls of Vaught
  • Reward: Anya will personalize an item of your choice (can be saved for later)


Anya reveals that she was trying to stop Nihlathak from helping Baal. Once Anya triggers the quest to defeat Nihlathak, she will open a portal which will take you directly to his temple.

There are three passageways to go through before you encounter Nihlathak, himself, in a room filled with mobs. Defeat him, return back to town and speak with Anya.

Q5: Rite of Passage

This quest is concurrently done with Q4. It will automatically pop up once you reach the Summoner in Arcane Sanctuary. The Summoner guards the pedestal with Horazon’s Journal.

  • Quest Giver: Triggered when entering Ancient’s Way
  • Travel: Crystalline Passage (WP) > Glacial Trail > Frozen Tundra > Ancient’s Way > Arreat Summit
  • Waypoints to Acquire: Glacial Trail, Frozen Tundra, Ancient’s Way
  • Objective: Activate and defeat the 3 Ancients without dying


Hopefully, you acquired the Crystalline Passage WP to return back to it. Otherwise, it will be a long run for you. As soon as you enter Arreat’s Summit, the entranceway to it will be blocked. It’s wise to drop either a town portal in Ancient’s Way before entering it, or make sure you have the WP from there at least.

You CANNOT use portals inside Arreat Summit. The event will reset if you do so. This is to prevent piggying (especially, low level) characters into the event area. There will be a circular platform with 3 Ancients in statue form. In the middle is the Altar of the Heavens – a pedestal to click on and begin the event. Once the event begins, the Ancients will go active and attack you. You will have to fight all three of them at the same time.

Q6: Eve of Destruction

Upon defeating the Ancients in Arreat Summit, Q6 will automatically trigger. This is the final boss quest for Act V (and the game).

  • Quest Giver: Qual-Kekh, or triggered by defeating the Ancients
  • Travel: Ancient’s Way (WP), Arreat Summit, Worldstone Keep (3 Levels) > Throne of Destruction > Worldstone Chamber
  • Waypoints to Acquire: Worldstone Keep Level 2
  • Objective: Find and defeat Baal


Within Arreat Summit, the passageway to Worldstone Keep Level 1 will be available upon defeating the 3 Ancients from Q5. You’ll find the entrance to the east of the Ancients.

Baal is really a two-part fight. You’ll first encounter him in the Throne of Destruction zone – at his throne room. He will spawn 5 different waves of mobs – each including a unique mob:

  • Wave 1: Colenzo the Annihilator
  • Wave 2: Achmel the Cursed
  • Wave 3: Bartuc the Bloody
  • Wave 4: Ventar the Unholy
  • Wave 5: Lister the Tormentor

These waves will be dealt with in order. Baal himself cannot be attacked, and he will not fight with the waves. Once the 5th wave is defeated, Baal will summon a portal at his throne and disappear into the Worldstone Chamber. Once ready, take his portal, and you’ll fight him next.

Access to the Next Available Game Mode

With Baal defeated, you will now have access to start the game fresh in the next game mode, or game difficulty – Nightmare. The same applies once you defeat Nightmare mode, you then receive access to Hell. These modes will offer higher difficulty of mobs and better loot.

You can also revisit any Act in Normal mode if you don’t feel ready for Nightmare and beyond. At this point it’s a good idea to reassess your levels, resists and other gear, that you need to stay alive and conquer harder mobs.