Cleric: Overview

Last Update: 02-19-2023

Clerics are a priest class and considered the best single-target healers in game. This can be a fun class if you enjoy watching life bars going up and down like rollercoasters!

Highlights for the Night of Shadows expansion

Clerics receive the following new spells:

  • Level 116: Ecliptic Blessing
  • Level 117: Anticipated Interdiction
  • Level 118: Divine Contingency
  • Level 119: Aura of the Persistent
  • Level 120: Axoeviq’s Retort

All of these spells, except Aura of the Persistent, will be used in some capacity. Aura of the Pious is still better due to no max hit cap on it.

General Spell Setup

  1. Refreshing Splash
  2. Axoeviq’s Retort
  3. Ecliptic Blessing
  4. Atoned Intervention
  5. Sincere Intervention
  6. Guileless Remedy
  7. Sincere Remedy
  8. Merciful Remedy
  9. Shining Fortitude
  10. Syllable of Invigoration
  11. Word of Greater Rejuvenation
  12. Divine Mediation
  13. Ward of Persistence

Recommended AAs

  • Gift of Mana
  • Healing Adept
  • Healing Boon
  • Celestial Regeneration
  • Channeling the Divine
  • Tunare’s Grace
  • Focus: Spiritual Remedy
  • Focus: Syllable of Convalescence
  • Improved Divine Intervention
  • Improved Intervention
  • Templar’s Synergy

Sustained Heal Rotation #1

  1. Guileless Remedy
  2. Sincere Remedy
  3. Merciful Remedy

Sustained Heal Rotation #2

  1. Atoned Intervention
  2. Sincere Intervention
  3. Guileless Remedy
  4. Sincere Remedy


  1. Bastion of Divinity – increases maximum HP
  2. Aura of the Pious – absorbs 3% of incoming melee damage (no capped amount)

Short-Duration Buffs to Maintain on a Tank

  1. Divine Mediation
  2. Divine Guardian
  3. Axoevig’s Retort
  4. Shining Fortitude

Basic Gameplay

  1. Use Ecliptic Blessing on your tank during engage (and off cooldown)
  2. Use Spire of the Vicar to reduce melee and DD damage that your group takes
  3. Use Syllable of Invigoration periodically to proc Synergy for your next three heal spells
  4. Sustain healing by alternating between two heal rotations as needed
  5. Use burst heal abilities when tank is taking heavy damage.

Sustained Healing

Syllable of Invigoration can be cast before engaging mobs to pre-buff yourself with Templar’s Synergy. The purpose is to proc Templar’s Synergy which gives you three charges to be used on your next 3 instant-duration heals. You can then alternate between the two suggested heal rotations as needed with Syllable of Invigoration periodically used in between.

Note that the intervention line of heal spells also deal target’s target damage. This is why I like to keep them as a separate rotation, since you can break mezzes and do damage (where it may not be permitted) in some situations.

Burst Healing

If your group, and/or raid are incurring heavy damage, you will want to strengthen single/group heals, AE splash healing, or all of these by activating special abilities.

  1. Channeling the Divine
  2. Flurry of Life + Healing Frenzy + Celestial Rapidity
  3. Syllable of Invigoration

This will allow you to twincast heals, decrease cast time on some heals spells, increase healing power and increase healing crits.

Splash Healing

Refreshing Splash is a free-target AE heal. It will “splash heal” all players within the target radius you click on the floor. It should be used in between single-target heals on raids – especially, if there are multiple mobs being off-tanked and/or during periodic blasts of AE damage that a bulk of the raid force is taking.