Druid: Overview

Druids are both a priest and utility class – capable of healing party members, porting, snaring mobs, and able to output considerable burst damage. They also provide aDPS to casters in group. aDPS stands for assisted damage per second.

Last Update: 02-18-2023 – Updated verbiage in some places to clarify DPSing multiple mobs vs single-mob. On events with multiple mobs to DoT, you will not be using as many nukes.

Enhanced Maladies (previously, a Class AA) was changed to Enhanced Ruin (Archetype AA). Additionally, Druids received a small nerf to DoT damage with this change. The damage bonus was reduced from 36 seconds worth of increased damage down to 32 seconds at max rank.

Highlights for the Night of Shadows expansion

Several new spells are available to Druids:

  • Level 114: Ring of Shadeweaver’s Tangle
  • Level 115: Circle of Shadeweaver’s Tangle
  • Level 115: Zephyr: Shadeweaver’s Tangle
  • Level 116: Ecliptic Winds
  • Level 118: Shadowy Ways
  • Level 119: Saprophyte Assault
  • Level 120: Arboreal Atonement

The only notable spell here is Ecliptic Winds, which is the new dicho/progression spell upgrade. Unfortunately, it continues to use a large amount of mana, and most druids may stay away from using it – unless, for quick, single-target burns.

Gameplay and spell use remains largely the same as the previous expansion.

Recommended AAs

1. aDPS and Mana Reduction

  • Gift of Mana
  • Group Spirit of the Great Wolf
  • Spirit of the Great Wolf

2. Healing

  • Healing Adept
  • Focus: Adrenaline Torrent
  • Focus: Resurgence
  • Improved Lunar Healing
  • Spirit of the Wood

3. Debuffs

  • Blessing of Ro
  • Season’s Wrath

4. DPS

  • Destructive Vortex
  • Enhanced Ruin
  • Focus: Nature’s Fiery Wrath
  • Focus: Horde of Aculeids
  • Focus: Sunflash
  • Focus: Summer Sunpyre
  • Improved Remote Fire
  • Focus: Chill of the Copsetender

General Spell Setup

  1. Twincast
  2. Sootheseance
  3. Adrenaline Spate
  4. Lunarush
  5. Survival of the Unrelenting
  6. Nature’s Sweltering Wrath
  7. Horde of Duskwigs
  8. Sunpyre
  9. Tenebrous Sunray
  10. Remote Sunbolt
  11. Winter’s Wildbrume
  12. Summer Sunpyre
  13. Bloody Roar

General Sustained Nuke DPS

The AA nukes can be scaled back if you’re dotting multiple mobs and to conserve mana. They are more useful in single-target settings.

  1. Remote Sunbolt
  2. Nature’s Fire (AA)
  3. Winter’s Wildblume
  4. Nature’s Bolt (AA)
  5. Summer Sunpyre
  6. Nature’s Frost (AA)
  7. Bloody Roar

Basic Game Play

Group Wolf or Self Wolf should always be alternated on you 100% of the time.

  1. Blessing of Ro and Season’s Wrath debuffs applied
  2. NSW, Horde, and Sunpyre DoTs applied
  3. Sustained nuke damage in between
  4. Healing in between – as necessary for your groups

What Constitutes as aDPS?

  1. Aura – Keeping up Nightchill Aura your group.
  2. Group Spirit of the Great Wolf – always used off cooldown

Preburn Tasks

These must be used BEFORE any burning is to occur

  1. Silent Casting
  2. Distant Conflagration
  3. BP Click (clicky item)
  4. Blessing of Ro
  5. Season’s Wrath

How to Burn

You should burn whenever you and your group’s Improved Twincast (ITC) ability is available.

  1. Group Wolf
  2. ITC + Destructive Vortex + Nature’s Fury + Focus Arcanum
  3. Nature’s Sweltering Wrath
  4. Horde of Duskwigs
  5. Sunpyre
  6. Chill of the Dusksage Tender (only on main boss, if you have it up)
  7. Tenebrous Sunray (only on main boss, if applicable)

… then use the general sustained DPS nukes while also re-applying any DoTs that have expired immediately.