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Druid: Overview

Last Update: 09-28-2022 – Oops, forgot Sunpyre in the General Spell Setup on this page!

Druids are both a priest and utility class – capable of healing party members, porting, snaring mobs, and able to output considerable burst damage. They also provide aDPS to casters in group. aDPS stands for assisted damage per second.

Highlights for the Terror of Luclin expansion

  • Season’s Wrath no longer focuses Tenebrous Sunray
  • Diminished or situational use of Composite Winds
  • Root or Punt baning used in Shei group mission and raid event

Recommended AAs

1. aDPS and Mana Reduction

  • Gift of Mana
  • Group Spirit of the Great Wolf
  • Spirit of the Great Wolf

2. Healing

  • Healing Adept
  • Focus: Adrenaline Torrent
  • Focus: Resurgence
  • Improved Lunar Healing
  • Spirit of the Wood

3. Debuffs

  • Blessing of Ro
  • Season’s Wrath

4. DPS

  • Destructive Vortex
  • Enhanced Maladies
  • Focus: Nature’s Fiery Wrath
  • Focus: Horde of Aculeids
  • Focus: Sunflash
  • Focus: Summer Sunpyre
  • Improved Remote Fire

General Spell Setup

  1. Twincast
  2. Sootheseance
  3. Adrenaline Spate
  4. Tenebrous Sunray
  5. Lunarush
  6. Survival of the Unrelenting
  7. Nature’s Sweltering Wrath
  8. Horde of Duskwigs
  9. Sunpyre
  10. Remote Sunbolt
  11. Winter’s Wildbrume
  12. Summer Sunpyre
  13. Bloody Roar

General Sustained Nuke DPS

Remote Sunbolt and Bloody Roar can be omitted or scaled back if low on mana.

  1. Remote Sunbolt
  2. Nature’s Fire (AA)
  3. Winter’s Wildblume
  4. Nature’s Bolt (AA)
  5. Summer Sunpyre
  6. Nature’s Frost (AA)
  7. Bloody Roar

Basic Game Play

Group Wolf or Self Wolf should always be alternated on you 100% of the time.

  1. Blessing of Ro and Season’s Wrath debuffs applied
  2. NSW, Horde, Sunpyre and Tenebrous Sunray DoTs applied
  3. Sustained nuke damage in between
  4. Healing in between

What Constitutes as aDPS?

  1. Aura – Keeping up Nightchill Aura your group.
  2. Group Spirit of the Great Wolf – always used off cooldown

Preburn Tasks

These must be used BEFORE any burning is to occur

  1. Silent Casting
  2. Distant Conflagration
  3. BP Click (clicky item)
  4. Blessing of Ro
  5. Season’s Wrath

How to Burn

You should burn whenever you and your group’s Improved Twincast (ITC) ability is available.

  1. Group Wolf
  2. ITC + Destructive Vortex + Nature’s Fury + Focus Arcanum
  3. Nature’s Sweltering Wrath
  4. Horde of Duskwigs
  5. Sunpyre
  6. Tenebrous Sunray

… then use the general sustained DPS nukes while also re-applying any DoTs that have expired immediately.