Druid: AA Ability Guide


Updated: 12/17/21 for the Terror of Luclin Expansion

Druids are heavily dependent on AA Abilities to perform well in heals and DPS. You’ll start to notice considerable gains around 35K AAs spent wisely in both healing and DPS.

Ideally, you want to work on AAs in the following order:

  1. aDPS/Wolves + GoMs + Mneumonic Retention
  2. Heal AAs
  3. Debuff AAs
  4. DPS AAs
  5. Survival AAs
  6. Everything else

Mneumonic Retention grants you your 13th spell gem slot. Keep in mind that many AAs are already auto-granted up to the Empire of Kunark Expansion so far.

Wolf + Gift of Mana

If you’re serious about raiding, you’ll want to max out your Group Wolf and GoM AAs. You’ll oftentimes be shoved into caster groups since your Group Wolf is a desired semi-constant aDPS tool as well. On top of that both wolf abilities and GoM will save you mana on all spells you cast.

Group Spirit of the Great Wolf

At max ranks, for you and the group it will:

  • Reduce mana cost of spells by 12 to 15%
  • Increase chance that DD spells land critically by 14%
  • Increase chance that instant duration heal spells land critically by 14%
  • Increase the damage dealt by critical DD spells by 120%
  • Increase mana regeneration by 80 points

There is a tremendous benefit here for both you and the group.

Spirit of the Great Wolf

At max ranks, this self AA buff will:

  • Reduce your mana cost of spells by 14 to 25%
  • Increase your chance that DD spells land critically by 20%
  • Increase your chance that instant duration heals land critically by 20%
  • Increase your damage dealt by critical DD spells by 120%
  • Increase your mana regeneration by 140 points

There is a huge benefit to not neglecting this AA for yourself when you are not using Group Wolf just for the mana savings and mana regen alone.

Gift of Mana

Grants your healing and damage spells a 10% chance to proc GoM, reducing the mana cost of the next spell you cast for 1 mana.

Druids are one of the hungriest mana-using classes, especially if DPSing. For DPS, you generally want to use your GoM procs on mana-intensive spells like Nature’s Fervid Wrath.


Completing important passive and activated heal AA abilities will make it far easier to focus on DPS later on. You won’t need to rely so much on multiple single-target heals while also making room for more DPS spells in your setup.

I chose the following passive ones to work on first since they are the ones you’ll be relying more in Balanced and DPS setups.

Passive AA Abilities

Abundant Healing – grants a chance for a heal-over-time on insta duration heals and grants a chance for an additional insta duration heal.

Healing Adept – increases strength of insta duration heals

Healing Gift – grants a chance to score an exceptional heal

Twinheal – grants a chance to twincast instant duration heals

Gift of Sylvan Spirits – increases total healing of insta duration heals and activated ability heals

Focus: Adrenaline Torrent – increases base healing of “adrenaline” heal spells

Improved Lunar Healing – increases base healing of Lunalesce line of spells

Improved Survival of the Fittest – increases base healing of “Survival” spells

Preserver’s Synergy – at max ranks procs your synergy 100% of the time each time you land a Lunalesce spell. The synergy increases the healing on your next 3 insta duration spells

Activated AA Abilities

Blessing of Tunare – your only AE/Splash Heal that can be used every 5 minutes around your target

Convergence of Spirits – instant, “holy-shit” heal that then applies a heal over time, increases AC, and applies a DS

Spirit of the Wood – used with TB/MGB often, large heal over time, increases AC, and triggers a DS

Wildtender’s Survival – casts the highest rank of Survival of the favored at max rank. Basically, let’s you keep up two emergency group heals if you have the spell versional also memmed and they do NOT share the same timer.


Regardless of what you are doing or how you play, you need apply two of the most important debuffs that happen to come as activated AA Abilities.

Blessing of Ro

Not only is this ability a great opening heal (as it will heal the target’s target), but it lowers the attack rating of the mob, and it lowers the mob’s AC by some considerable numbers. It’s a staple among druid debuffs and it only has a 6 sec reuse time.

To be quite frank, I detest using Vortex of Ro over this ability. I find it to be more of a hinderance over Blessing or Ro, even if there are multiple mobs. I will almost always keep using Blessing of Ro in between which offers far more healing for any tanks and off-tanks.

Season’s Wrath

At max ranks, increases the damage the mob takes from cold and fire spells by 17 to 25%. It has a 1 min reuse time. This debuff ability entirely eliminates the need from using the disempowering debuff spell lines (ie: Skin to Sumac).

Tank Survivability

These are activated ability buffs that I usually reserve for tanks or off-tanks.

Swarm of Fireflies

Applies Firefly Guardian. Triggers an instant heal for a large amount if target drops below 40% health and increases HP regen. As with other priest Guardian abilities, only one Guardian-type buff can be kept up on a tank. Try to keep it up on other tanks that clerics or shaman may not have Guardians up on. In exp groups, keep it up on your main tank if you’re the only priest/healer.

Spirit of the Bear

Applied on a tank, increases maximum health, AC and chance to dodge for a short duration. Used for anticipated large damage – either during an engage on a named/boss or when tank’s defensive is down and they are taking large damage spikes.


There’s a lot of DPS AAs… I did not list all the passive ones here, but at least the more important ones that give you a big bang for the buck. All activated DPS AAs are used in burns and personal burns.

Passive DPS Abilities

Critical Affliction – increases crit chance to land DoTs. Completing all ranks will give you a 55% passive crit chance rate for DoTs

Destructive Cascade – increases crit damage strength for DoTs

Destructive Fury – increases crit damage strength for DDs

Fury of Magic – increases crit chance to land DDs. Completing all ranks will give you a 57% passive crit chance rate for DDs.

Enchanced Maladies – increases base damage of DoT spells that have a minimum duration of 18 seconds.

Focus: Horde of Aculeids – increases base damage of Horde DoT spells.

Focus: Nature’s Fiery Wrath – increases base damage of Nature’s DoT spells.

Focus: Sunflash – increases base damage of Sunflash DoT spells.

Focus: Winter’s Wildflame – increases base damage of Winter’s DD spells.

Improved Remote Fire – increases base damage of Remote line DD spells.

Activated DPS AA Abilities

Destructive Vortex – increases crit rate chance for DoT spells by 10% and increases DoT crit strength.

Distant Conflagration – Allows you to twincast up to 18 spells from your Remote nuke line. Has a 20 min refresh.

Nature’s Fury – increases base damage of DD spells by 52% and and increasing mana cost of DD spells.

Spire of Nature – increases total healing of insta duration spells and increases crit rate chance of DD spells to land by 24%

Improved Twincast – at max ranks allows you to twincast up to 21 damage spells for 2:30 minutes. Has a 15 min refresh.

Activated DPS Weave-In Abilities

These are quick-refresh ability “nukes” that you will weave in between other spells while on cooldown. This will be discussed more thoroughly in the DPS Guide, but they will impact your sustained DPS that you want to be using when not casting mana-intensive spells.

Nature’s Bolt – deals DD magic damage

Nature’s Fire – deals DD fire damage

Nature’s Frost – deals DD cold damage

Other DPS Abilities

Twinproc – Passive ability granting you a 22% chance to proc your weapon’s detrimental combat-activated spells. If you melee a lot this is where it’s worthwhile to also have an enchanter’s NPT buff up on yourself just because of this ability.

Dragons of Norrath Progression AA

By completing quests for either Sanctity of the Keepers or Power of the Dark Reign (you have to pick a side to align with) then a passive AA is unlocked granting you a 1% crit chance rate to both DDs and Dots, among other things.

This passive AA will bring you up to a total of 58% passive crit chance rate for DD and 56% passive crit chance rate for DoTs, provided that you completed all Critical Affliction and Fury of Magic AAs previously mentioned.

Self Survivability

Unlike some other classes, you can still heal yourself to live through bad times. However, having some decent survivability AAs will make life easier – especially if solo’ing or needing to crowd control in places where things can’t get mezzed. You can and will take a beating in these scenarios.

Passive Abilities

Combat Agility – Increases your melee avoidance (chance to avoid mob hits)

Combat Stability – Increases damage mitigation (how hard mobs hit you)

Fade Ability

Veil of the Underbrush – Auto-granted ability that allows you to escape from combat from mobs that are 5 or fewer levels higher than you and triggering a permanent invis spell.

Preincarnation Ability

Auto-granted ability. No reason to not have this ability buff on you at all times. It grants you a second chance at a life, rendering you invulnerable for a short period of time, if you take a hit that will almost kill you.

Snare + Crowd Control

There are a couple of crowd control abilities that you want to keep up on a separate hotbar. These are good to know, especially if you’re doing current-content missions, or if you don’t have an enchanter in group.


Single-target snare ability, reduces moving speed of a mob, and entirely eliminates the need to keep up a snare spell. It is auto-granted. Lasts 14 minutes and has a 2 second recast time.

Paralytic Spray

Affects up to 8 mobs in a frontal cone from you punting them backwards and and then rooting them in place for up to 4 minutes. 1 min refresh. Take note that the mobs will be punting in the direction you are facing!

Paralytic Spores

Same thing as Paralytic Spray, but it’s the single-target punt version. 1 min refresh. It does NOT share the same timer though as Paralytic Spray.

Wall of Wind

Frontal cone punt ability, with a snare component. 1 min refresh.

Evac + Porting

I haven’t gone much into actual portal traveling, but there are some emergency and group beneficial ports in the form of AA abilities that you will use often.


This is your self-instant succor spell. If your group died, and you are about to suffer a similar fate, sometimes Egressing yourself to a safe spot in the zone is what you have to do to save yourself. It’s an emergency self-port.


Basically, the group version of Egress. You instantly port your group to a “safe” spot in the zone. Oftentimes, this may be the entrance of a dungeon (but not always). I urge caution with this because there can be times where you’re better off dying, such as in the case of raid groups.

Teleport Bind

I have made the fatal mistake once of accidentally casting this on my group mid-combat. Don’t be that druid! It will simply port your group to your primary bind point (which is set by your Bind Affinity spell).

I usually set my primary bind point via the Bind Affinity spell so I can port my group to hard-to-reach places easily via Teleport to Bind.

Mark of Travel

This is an activated self-AA that will set your secondary bind point. Druids can have up to three bind points.

Secondary Recall

This is a self port that will teleport you to your secondary bind point set via the Mark of Travel ability. I usually have the Guild Lobby set as my secondary bind. I’d rather use my primary bind for hard to reach places to use in conjunction with my Teleport Bind ability. Make sense now?

Teleport to Guild Hall Anchor

If you bought a guild hall anchor package, it will cast an AE teleport spell on all nearby players asking them if they want to port over to it. They will need to accept the port, and it can only be cast out of combat.