Druid: Healing Guide


Updated: 12/17/21 for the Terror of Luclin Expansion

Pure Healing Druid

  • Uses Healing Twincast spell
  • Relies entirely on all pure heal spells
  • Best for druids with auto-granted AAs and low mana pools.

Balanced Druid

  • Uses Twincast spell and related TC AAs
  • Combination of instant duration healing and nuke healing
  • Best for druids done with most healing and remote nuke AAs

DPS (Raid) Druid

  • Uses Twincast spell and related TC AAs
  • Mainly reliant on nuke heals and group heals.
  • May have one or two single-target instant duration heals depending on the situation or raid event
Healing Overview

This is a healing chart for reference to understand mana and refresh times for instant duration heal-related spells. Note: Rank 3s are referenced here.

Heal Spell Base Cast Time Base Mana Cost Base Heal Amount Cooldown
Soothesceance 0.5 sec 3794 23095 hp 12 sec
Adrenaline Spate 1.8 sec 4887 33539 hp 15 sec
Clotavida 3.75 sec 2256 24219 hp 1 sec
Remote Sunbolt 1.0 sec 5660 21209 hp 14 sec
Lunarush 4.5 sec 4856 22706 hp 6 sec

Reactive Single-Target Heal

Soothesceance is the fastest casting heal to “react” in emergencies. Even some DPS druids may use it in raids as back up.

Sustained Single-Target Heals

Adrenaline Spate and Clotavida. Although Adrenaline Spate has the longest cooldown, it’s generally used on cooldown for tanks. Plus it adds a nice rune on them for extra damage mitigation. Clotavida heals are spammed in between. These spells are commonly used in both pure heal and balanced setups.

Group Heals

Lunarush is a standard group heal.

Survival of the Unrelenting is an emergency, fast-casting, group heal. The lower the life of a party member(s), the more it will heal. Generally best if someone, or multiple people, is below 55% HP.

Both of these group heals are commonly used across all druid playstyles.

Common Abilities

I discussed common activated healing AAs as well as tank buff AAs in the General Guide used across all Druid setups. You will want to make sure all those AAs are put on a dedicated Hot Bar for easy access.

There is nothing worse than frantically trying to search for a buff/heal AA. The other AAs you want to be concerned with are:

Blessing of Ro

It will always be your opening ability to cast on a mob that will also heal your tank taking aggro.

Group and Self Wolf

Don’t forget that Group Spirit of the Great Wolf as well as Spirit of the Great Wolf abilities increase the chance that your instant duration heals critically heal – besides doing other wonderful things (like reducing mana cost of spells).

Spire of Nature

This increases your total healing of instant duration heal spells by 4000 points. It also increases max HP and AC among other things. It lasts a 1:30 min and can be re-used every 7:30 min.

Nature’s Blessing

I call this a “healing disc” AA Ability. It grants all instant duration heal spells a 100% chance to score exceptional heals. The caveat – it also increases the mana cost of ALL spells by 50% for 30 seconds. It has a 20 min re-use time.

It’s best to use this if you’re struggling with heals on a named or a hairy situation with many adds in an exp group.

Pure Healing Druid

Pure Healing typically includes a Healing Twincast spell, all single-target and group instant duration heals, and a delayed heal as backup. You basically are doing nothing but healing.

Pure Spell Setup

  1. Sundew Blessing
  2. Soothesceance
  3. Adrenaline Spate
  4. Clotavida
  5. Lunarush
  6. Survival of the Unrelenting
  7. Promised Revivication
  8. Fervent Growth
  9. Onyx Skin
  10. Nightchill Aura
  11. Primal Frost
  12. Nature’s Sweltering Wrath
  13. Bulwark of the Reptile

Spell Gems 7 through 13 are entirely left open for debate. I figure, if you’re going with this setup, you’ll have an easier time wanting to re-apply Growth and Reptile buffs that can alleviate healing for you.

Um – Why Are You Using a Level 84 Twincast Heal?

Discussed in next section, the lower level Sundew Blessing works the same to twincast heals while using far less mana.

Delayed Heal

Promised Revivication (lvl 117) – takes a split second to cast, applies a buff in the regular buff window that lasts 18 seconds. Once the 18 seconds are up, it will apply a large heal on the player.

If two people are taking heavy damage at the same time, sometimes it’s good to throw the promised heal on one of them while spam healing the main tank.

Healing Twincast

Healing Twincast spells are a staple of most pure healing setups. That’s not to say they are not used in other cases, but they do not work with things like Twincast and Improved Twincast which more DPS-oriented druids use.

These are all found under Direct Damage > Twincast.

Sundew Blessing (lvl 84) – Damages your target’s target and grants you a twincast of the next two heals you cast.

Pro-Tip: The reason I am mentioning the lowest level one here is that the higher level ones use far more mana. The lowest level one still works the same on twincasting current level heal spells. It also has a slightly faster cast time of 0.8 sec.

1. Healing TC spells do not actually heal by themselves. They must be cast before an actual heal spell to consume the twincast procs with.

2. If a tank or party member is low HP, you must use an emergency heal instead.

3. If Twincast Spell or ITC is running on you, it will block the Healing Twincast effect, rendering it useless.

Sustained Healing

Your main reactive/emergency single-target healing will come from:

  • Soothesceance – Fastest casting heal

Sustained Healing primarily involves:

  • Adrenaline Spate – 2nd fastest casting heal with a rune
  • and spamming Clotavida while Adrenaline Spate is on cooldown

Some folks who box or are doing lazy-long exp grinds may find a spell rotation with a multibind key to be easier to work with.

I would be careful with this, especially if using Healing Twincast in the rotation. You will lack control over when an HTC spell lands. There may be times where you want to hit Soothesceance over an HTC in a sticky situation.

Spell Rotation #1

  1. Sundew Blessing
  2. Adrenaline Spate
  3. Clotavida

And stick to using Soothesceance for emergencies which is the intended purpose of the spell.

Alternate Spell Rotation #2

  1. Sundew Blessing
  2. Soothesceance
  3. Adrenaline Spate
  4. Clotavida

If you just don’t care and want to put out as much healing as possible.

Creating a Multibind Key

You’ll pick a designated hotbar to put these spells in order and then create a multibind key for it. In my example below, I am using Hotbar 10. The spell gems are occupying Hot Buttons 8 through 11.

In the options window below, select category -> Hot Bar 10 and map out a single key for those Hot Buttons. I am using my “K” key as the multibind.

Balanced Druid

There are differing opinions on what constitutes as a “Balanced Druid.” My personal definition is when you let go of Healing Twincasts, utilize nuke heals in conjunction with instant duration heal spells, and also keeping up the usual group heals.

Balanced Spell Lineup

  1. Twincast
  2. Soothesceance
  3. Adrenaline Spate
  4. Clotavida
  5. Lunarush
  6. Survival of the Unrelenting
  7. Nature’s Sweltering Wrath
  8. Sunpyre
  9. Horde of the Duskwigs
  10. Composite Winds
  11. Remote Sunbolt
  12. Tenebrous Sunray
  13. Bloody Roar

In order to make a Balanced Setup viable, we need to discuss related Passive and Activated AAs. It only makes sense to want to transition to more nuke healing if you actually have the specific AAs to back it up. You’ll also become more reliant on AA Heals. Otherwise, your overall healing may fall apart.

Passive AA Suggestions

  • Abundant Healing
  • Gift of Mana
  • Healing Adept
  • Healing Gift
  • Twinheal
  • Gift of Sylvan Spirits
  • Focus: Adrenaline Torrent
  • Focus: Resurgence
  • Focus: Panavida
  • Improved: Remote Fire

Activated AA Suggestions

  • Convergence of Spirits
  • Distant Conflagration
  • Improved Twincast
  • Wildtender’s Survival
Nuke Healing

Healing nukes fall into two categories.


Found under Direct Damage > Magic spells

Composite Winds (lvl 111) – The current dicho heal nuke. The power of this spell is increased as you complete progression through CoV.

Due to the fact that this spell has a 1 minute cooldown and has a high mana cost, it is generally reserved when burning or using twincast spell/abilities.

Remote Nukes

Found under Direct Damage > Utility Detrimental spells

Remote Sunbolt (lvl 118) – The current fire-based remote spell. The preferred remote spell to use since the cold version does not do as much damage/healing and there are not many fire resists in the currrent expansion.

Healing Strat

This is mainly for exp groups. I’m not going to teach you how to DPS in this guide, but the main idea for single-target healing is:

Reactively (ie: when shit hits the fan) healing with:

  • Soothesceance

Sustained single-target healing with:

  • Adrenaline Spate
  • Remote Sunbolt on the MT’s mob
  • and using Clotavida in between while both AS and RS are on cooldown.

You won’t really have a way to use any spell rotation or multibind key “neatly” here since you’ll be alternating between the tank and mob for in between nuke heals and whatever other DPS you wish to apply.


Twincast (spell) – You should try to make as much use of your Twincast spell as possible. It lasts for 18 sec and can be reused every 5 minutes.

While you have Twincast up, you will throw your DoTs on a mob and then focus on Composite Wind and using Remote Sunbolt as much as possible off refresh.

Distant Conflagration (AA Ability) – this allows you to twincast up to 18 Remote-line healing nukes and lasts 10 minutes.

Improved Twincast (AA Ability) – this works on all spells including heal nukes. It lasts 2:30 minutes, up to a set amount of procs that can be used (up to 21 at max rans).

DPS (Raid) Druid

The DPS Druid is mainly reserved for raids. You’ll most likely be shoved into caster groups and receiving a majority of raid-wide heals from Cleric and Shaman splashes throughout a raid event.

From a healing standpoint, you’ll heavily rely on AA-related heals, nuke healing the main MA target and situationally Group Healing. Healing your group in danger will always take precedence over DPSing. Keep that in mind.

DPS Spell Lineup

  1. Twincast
  2. Soothesceance
  3. Chill of the Duskage Tender
  4. Lunarush
  5. Survival of the Unrelenting
  6. Nature’s Sweltering Wrath
  7. Sunpyre
  8. Horde of the Duskwigs
  9. Composite Winds
  10. Winter’s Wildbrume
  11. Remote Sunbolt
  12. Tenebrous Sunray
  13. Bloody Roar

Beyond the ones listed already for Balanced, AAs you want to try and have maxed out by now are:

Passive AA Suggestions

  • Preserver’s Synergy
  • Improved Survival of the Fittest
  • Improved Lunar Healing

Activated AA Suggestions

  • Blessing of Ro
  • Blessing of Tunare
  • Spirit of the Wood
Raid Specifics

If you’re on a raid with 2 or more other druids, you’ll want to get a few things in order regardless of the type of druid you are playing.

Setup Your Extended Target Window

  • Set first slot to be Raid Assist 1 Target
  • Your other slots should be set for the main tanks and off-tanks
  • Helpful to re-apply Reptile Buffs or call tanks that die.
  • Helpful to use emergency Convergence of Spirit AA

I’m usually good about putting other Druids on there, too. They will prefer to get my Calls rather than a Rez so they can be brought to life with 20 percent mana.

If you raid often with the same people, you can save your ETW sets to make it easier to load them in one shot.

Assign Debuffs

These are mainly Tenebrous Sunray, Onyx Moonbeam and Primal Frost. Try to spread these debuff duties to a druid a piece.

Spirit of the Wood

There should be some type of an established rotation (or alpha-order) to use this AA Heal Ability. Either a cleric can coordinate it to use it in between their Celestial Regenerations, or you can take the reigns for druids.

Before an event is triggered, make sure to bank a TB. You’ll be able to use SoTW with it once and then again with MGB 9 minutes later if the event is still going on.

There will be a lot of AE or Wild Ramps happening, or a lot of AE DDs/DoTs, and these are the best times to use SotW unless your cleric or druid class lead mention otherwise.

Arbor Tender’s Coalition

This is the Druid alliance spell. Cast it on another druid, or some cleric (or heck, even on an off-tanking knight not on an MT order). It only lasts 4 minutes. It works best when clerics and shaman are healing and splash healing. It will heal that person each time. Once 120 heals are received on the respective person, it will trigger a large AE splash heal on nearby raid players.

Do not use it on any main tanks. It is preferable for shaman to run their alliances on MTs instead.

Nature’s Reaction

This is a self buff spell that I typically use if I know I’m dealing with some killer AE spells in an event. If you get hit with a large AE damage spell of 22000 points or greater, it will trigger an instant group heal.

Nature’s Boon

This is a stationary healing ward. Place it somewhere where lots of people are standing to get some continuous heals for the duration it’s up.

Blessing of Nature

This is your one and only instant duration splash heal ability that can be re-used every 5 minutes. If you’re keeping multiple people on your ETW window and looking at your group window you should be able to judge when the raid is basically taking a lot of AE damage of some sort.