Druid: Quick Gameplay Guide

Update for the Terror of Luclin expansion (07/15/2022)

This is the cliff-notes guide without the thorough explanations. This should be useful if you need a quick glance at what you need to be doing in the Terror of Luclin expansion. While in the thorough guides I explain different playstyles (due to gear or lack thereof), there is very little reason to not be DPSing.

Notable Changes and Mechanics for ToL:

  1. Increased use of two single-target heal spells in most spell setups.
  2. Situational and/or diminished use of Chill of the Dusksage Tender DoT.
  3. Root/Punt baning used on certain raid events and group missions.

AAs Recommended to Max Out First (which are not auto-granted):

For an explanation on the following AAs, please refer to the AA ability Guide.

  • Gift of Mana
  • Group Spirit of the Great Wolf
  • Spirit of the Great Wolf
  • Abundant Healing
  • Spirit of the Wood
  • Wildtender’s Survival
  • Improved Lunar Healing
  • Improved Remote Fire
  • Blessing of Ro
  • Focus: Adrenaline Torrent
  • Focus: Resurgence

General Spell Setup

  1. Twincast
  2. Soothesceance
  3. Adrenaline Spate
  4. Lunarush
  5. Survival of the Unrelenting
  6. Nature’s Sweltering Wrath
  7. Horde of Duskwigs
  8. Sunpyre
  9. Composite Winds
  10. Remote Sunbolt
  11. Winter’s Wildbrume
  12. Tenebrous Sunray – also used as a fast-swap gem for other things
  13. Bloody Roar

Sustained DPS Rotation and Gift of Mana Procs

  1. Nature’s Fire (AA)
  2. Remote Sunbolt
  3. Nature’s Bolt (AA)
  4. Winter’s Wildbrume
  5. Nature’s Frost (AA)
  6. Bloody Roar (optional)

This rotation helps pace you and your mana. There is no multi-binding you can use with this. It must be individually-clicked. When you periodically proc Gift of Mana, make sure to then apply Nature’s Sweltering Wrath to make it cost no mana.

Opening Sequence

I won’t repeat it everywhere, but be sure to always have Group Wolf or Self Wolf up and use off cooldown.

  1. Blessing of Ro
  2. Season’s Wrath
  3. Apply all DoTs first
  4. Use sustained DPS Rotation and re-apply NSW with any GoM Procs.


1. Familiarize yourself with Target’s target healing. This is a staple of Druid play. These come in three forms:

  • Blessing of Ro (AA) – fire and AC debuffs mob, too. Mana-free and takes a split second to cast.
  • Remote Sunbolt – fire nuke, should be used on cooldown, if possible.
  • Composite Winds (only used when Improved Twincast or Twincast spell is active).

2. Familiarize yourself with fast-healing and emergency-healing spells:

  • Sootheseance – fast, single-target heal (also has a cooldown period)
  • Adrenaline Spate – semi-fast, single-target heal (also has a cooldown period)
  • Survival of the Unrelenting – emergency group heal for anyone below 55% HP
  • Wildtender’s Survival – AA version of Survival which does NOT share the same timer as the spell

3. Familiarize yourself with your regular group healing:

  • Lunarush – mediocre cast time, but heals all group members. Staple of group healing on raids.

4. Familiarize yourself with AA healing:

  • Wildtender’s Survival – AA already discussed
  • Blessing of Ro – AA already discussed
  • Blessing of Tunare – mana-free, AA splash heal ability
  • Spirit of the Wood – large, heal-over-time, that can be TB’d or MGB’d, too

5. Tips for Healing

  • Use target’s target heals, then quick heals (if further single-target healing is needed)
  • Use group heals when either quick heals are down, or if multiple members are taking damage
  • Use AA heals and/or Survival-line for emergencies, or when all heal spells are on cooldown
  • I generally don’t bother keeping Clotavida memmed unless absolutely needed. Between all single-target and group heals available, something will be up off refresh.

Mana Upkeep

  • Use your mana-bear spell, called Bolstered Growth, on cooldown
  • Use mod-rods
  • Use Gift of Mana procs to apply, mana-free, Nature’s Sweltering Wrath
  • Ask a cleric for quiet-prayer when low on mana

Social Keys to Make (Used for Burning and Lesser Burning):

1. Social Key to Activate: Group Wolf + Focus Arcanum

  • /alt activate 10397
  • /g Group Wolf Up!
  • /alt activate 1211

2. Social Key to Activate: Improved Twincast + Destructive Vortex + Nature’s Fury

  • /alt activate 953
  • /alt activate 515
  • /alt activate 954

3. Social Key to Activate: Self Wolf + Spire Nature + Focus Arcanum

  • /alt activate 1092
  • /alt activate 1211
  • /alt activate 1480

4. Social Key to beg an Enchanter for: Chromatic Haze

  • /g Chromatic Haze PLEASE!

Refer to the aDPS + Burn Guide: Full Burn section to see what these social keys should look like.

Alternate Between Group Wolf and Self Wolf (Off Cooldown)

Both your wolf abilities boost your healing, increase mana regen, reduce cost of spells, and benefit direct damage spells. Always Group Wolf, then use Self Wolf once Group Wolf is down. Rinse and repeat. Use one of the designated Social Keys discussed to activate other abilities along with the respective Wolf being used.

DPS Burn Order

You’ll want to prep aka pre-burn right before you get into the heavy hitting abilities.

  1. Silent Casting (AA)
  2. Distant Conflagration (AA)
  3. BP Click (clicky item)
  4. Blessing of Ro (AA)
  5. Season’s Wrath (AA)
  6. Forceful Rejuvenation (AA) (if NSW is on cooldown)

Next we go into the actual burn that will happen. If you are grouped with an enchanter, they will be hitting Illusions of Grandeur to start the burn.

  1. Group Wolf + Focus Arcanum – activated via the social key discussed
  2. ITC + Destructive Vortex + Nature’s Fury – activated via the social key discussed
  3. Nature’s Sweltering Wrath (before Enchanter Chromatic Haze activated)
  4. Click Social Key to beg for Enchanter Chromatic Haze
  5. Nature’s Fire (AA nuke weave-in during GCD)
  6. Sunpyre
  7. Nature’s Bolt (AA nuke weave-in during GCD)
  8. Horde of Duskwigs
  9. Nature’s Frost (AA nuke weave-in during GCD)
  10. Chill of the Dusksage Tender (if you have it up, if not just skip this step)
  11. Tenebrous Sunray
  12. Composite Winds

If there are multiple adds to DPS on while all your burns are active, keep applying Horde of Duskwigs and Sunpyre to spread as many twincast DoTs around. If not, then go straight into your sustained DPS rotation. However, continue to re-apply any DoTs worn off while ITC is still active.

Baning (and Some Curing) in ToL Missions and Raids

There are three notable instances to discuss. The missions are similar to the raid events.

1. Shei Vinitras

  • Root banes work on the add mobs spawning based on Shei’s HP.
  • You can use Grasping Root or Vinelash Assault spells for baning.
  • You can also use Paralytic Spray (conal AA) or Paralytic Spores (single-target AA) for baning.
  • Paralytic AAs do not have a shared timer.
  • Cure players with Sanctified Blood spell (they should call out their cures if you don’t have a GINA trigger).

2. Aten Ha Ra

Periodically (and an event emote will announce it), a gargoyle will descend from the top of the event area.

The active gargoyle is mez-bane only. If you don’t have a mezzer in group during the mission run you will need to do extra healing on a player targeted with a DoT by the gargoyle.

3. Close the Gate

  • bats = mez bane
  • pools = charm bane
  • shades = slow bane (shaman and other slowing classes can do it, too)

No banes for you to personally do here, but expect multiple mobs where extra healing will be needed. Try to use Spirit of the Wood, Blessing of Tunare (AE Splash) and other heal abilities in between.