Enchanter: Quick Gameplay Guide

Update for the Terror of Luclin expansion (07/09/2022)

This is the cliff-notes guide without the thorough explanations. This should be useful if you need a quick glance at what you need to be doing in the Terror of Luclin expansion.

Notable Changes and Mechanics for ToL:

  1. Enchanter alliance/coalition is not used this expansion.
  2. Preferred sustained aDPS spell rotation is the Double-Grip rotation due to no alliances.
  3. Heavy use of Legion of Liako, Glyph Sprays and the occasional Deviser’s Auspice group runes.
  4. Mezz and Root/Punt (via Beguiler’s Banishment) baning used on certain raid events and group missions.

AAs for aDPS You MUST Max Out First (which are not auto-granted):

For an explanation on the following AAs, please refer to the AA ability Guide: aDPS section

  • Beguiler’s Synergy
  • Illusions of Grandeur
  • Chromatic Haze
  • Gift of Hazy Thoughts
  • Gift of Mana
  • Gift of Gracious Mana (maxing out Gift of Mana first is a pre-requisite)
  • Tashan’s Lingering Cry

General Spell Setup:

  1. Shield of Inevitability
  2. Chaotic Puzzlement
  3. Edict of Tashan
  4. Mana Radix Aura – also used as a fast-swap gem, too.
  5. Bewildering Wave – or a buff – or a bane as needed
  6. Night’s Perpetual Terror
  7. Polyluminous Rune
  8. Composite Reinforcement
  9. Mindreap
  10. Throttling Grip
  11. Mind Vortex
  12. Legion of Liako
  13. Deviser’s Auspice – or another buff – or a bane as needed

Auras to Keep Up at ALL Times:

  • Twincast Aura (permanent) – no need to recast this unless you die or hours have passed.
  • Mana Radix Aura (must be periodically recast, not permanent) – mana strike aura.

These auras are further explained in the General Guide: Auras section.

Self Runes to Keep Up on Yourself:

  • Shield of Inevitability (spell)
  • Polyluminous Rune (spell)
  • Eldritch Rune (AA)
  • Veilf of Mindshadow (AA)

Preferred Sustained aDPS spell rotation:

  1. Composite Reinforcement
  2. Mindreap
  3. Throttling Grip
  4. Throttling Grip

This is what I refer to as the Double-Grip rotation. Drag these gems into a hotbar and make a multibind key to spam over and over. For further explanation on this spell rotation and how to create a multibind key, refer to the General Guide: Spell Rotations section.

Social Keys to Make (Used for Burning and Spire of Enchantment):

1. Social Key to Activate: Illusions of Grandeur + Improved Twincast + Focus Arcanum + Calculated Insanity

  • /alt activate 2202
  • /g IoG Up! Big Burns Now!
  • /alt activate 515
  • /alt activate 1211
  • /alt activate 534

2. Social Key to Activate: Chromatic Haze

  • /alt activate 2205
  • /g Chromatic Haze On!

3. Social Key to Activate: Spire of Enchantment

  • /alt activate 1380
  • /g Spire of Enchantment On! Mini DD burns and Mana Regen!

Refer to the aDPS Guide: Full Enchanter Burn section to see what the social keys should look like.

aDPS Burn Order

Obviously, make sure the target is tashed before you burn. You’ll want to aDPS burn in the exact order below:

  1. Forceful Rejuvenation (AA) – if Composite is on cooldown
  2. Composite Reinforcement (Spell Gem)
  3. IoG + ITC + CI + FA (all these AAs are activated together in one shot via the social key discussed)
  4. Mindreap (Spell Gem)
  5. Chromatic Haze (AA) – activated via the social key discussed
  6. Robe Clicky Item
  7. Throttling Grip
  8. Mind Vortex

As you can tell, there will be a several second gap from when you activate IoG to when you activate Chromatic Haze. This is very important for the druid in your group, as well as to give time to everyone else to activate abilities to use together with Chromatic Haze.

Keeping this order on a dedicated hotbar will make your life easier. Once you are finished casting Mind Vortex, immediately go into the sustained aDPS spell rotation. You can view an example of what your setup should look like in the aDPS Guide: Full Enchanter Burn section.

Spire of Enchantment

When Illusions of Grandeur wears off, follow up with Spire of Enchantment. Keep using Spire of Enchantment off cooldown from that point forward whenever IoG is still on cooldown.

Things You Should Always Be Doing:

  • If there is crowd-controlling (ie: mezzing and charming) needed, this is your first priority.
  • Always tash. Make sure all mobs are tashed before you cast anything else.
  • Slow (if there are no shaman) – via Slowing Helix AA.
  • Sustain aDPS via the spell rotation already discussed.
  • Re-apply Group Spell Guard Runes as needed (Legion of Liako, etc).

Baning in ToL Missions and Raids

There are three notable instances where you will need to bane. The missions are similar to the raid events where the banes are needed.

1. Shei Vinitras

  • Both mez and root banes work on the mobs.
  • You can use Beguiler’s Banishment and low level mez spells to quickly bane mobs.

2. Aten Ha Ra

  • Periodically (and an event emote will announce it), a gargoyle will descend from the top of the event area.
  • The active gargoyle is mez-bane only. You only need to apply the mez bane once.

3. Close the Gate

  • bats = mez bane
  • pools = charm bane
  • shades = slow bane (shaman and other classes can do it, too)

Using the wrong bane during this event will result in healing the mob instead, so be careful with this one.