Enchanter: ToL Mission + Raid Guide

Last Updated 09-04-22: Included Group Mission information and corrected a few raid descriptions.

This is not a comprehensive mission and raid guide. It is only to assist enchanters on specific duties during missions and raids.

Terror of Luclin

Enchanters will be doing quite a bit of baning in the form of mez, root/punt and charm banes on certain events. A bane simply means that a special mob will take unconventional damage, or stop in its tracks, from a specific non-damage spell.

Group Mission Overview

The following is the preferred order to complete group missions and to allow for more opportune times for burns to refresh at specific points.

  1. Aten Ha Ra (Maiden’s Eye)
  2. Shei Vinitras (Maiden’s Eye)
  3. Oubliette (Shadow Valley)
  4. Close the Gate (Blood Falls)

Group Mission 1: Aten Ha Ra

  • Requires a single-mez (any level) bane on “A smirking guardian” mobs
  • Preferable to run your burn once Aten Ha Ra goes active

Once you are in the main room where Aten Ha Ra is standing, look up, and you will see rows of gargoyles (a smirking guardian) standing in a circular arrangement. Take note of this, since you will need to deal with a descending gargoyle periodically throughout the event.

Upon event trigger, there will be timed waves of unmezzable mobs. Hopefully, all waves are killed before Aten Ha Ra goes active. As soon as Aten Ha Ra is active, use your burn.

Aten Ha Ra will periodically (based on HP) emote:

  • Aten Ha Ra shouts, ‘Awaken, guardian!’

At this point a gargoyle will slowly descend from the top of the zone. You will need to look up to see which active gargoyle is descending from it’s row, and cast a single mez on it. Only ONE mez is needed to stop the gargoyle in its tracks. This will result in a successful emote shortly:

  • A guardian turns to solid stone, ashamed for being so easily manipulated.

Failure to mez the gargoyle in time before it lands on the floor will result in it applying a strong, but short-term, DoT on a random player.

Group Mission 2: Shei Vinitras

  • Requires mez (any level) or root/punt banes on “datiar xi tavuekim” mobs
  • If you don’t have strong DPS and burns are already refreshed, then burn at the start

Depending on how fast your group previously killed the first mission, you might not have any burns for Shei. Or some of those individual players have lesser burns they can still use.

Everyone will be standing up top on Shei’s platform. As an enchanter, you ideally want to be on the edge of it, and to have full view of the entire platform in front of your character. Beguiler’s Banishment (fast-casting, frontal-cone punt) will predominantly be used, and why you need to be on the edge to capture any bane mobs within your frontal-cone path. Single mezzes can be used in between to clean up any bane add while your punt is on 8 sec cooldown.

The datiar xi tavuekim are bane mobs which are HP-based off Shei. These will spawn up top on the platform where you and your group are standing. One bane needs to land on them.

Group Mission 3: Oubliette

  • Your burn is preferred on Fade (mini-boss) once he reaches your group

The event starts with a wave of two mobs. Once these mobs are dead, Fade (mini-boss) will go active and charge towards your group. Ideally, burns should be used on Fade to swiftly deal with his flinging knockbacks as well as debuffs that can end up silencing any player if he is not killed in time. There is nothing else special beyond that for you to do.

Group Mission 4: Close the Gate

  • Your burn is preferred on Centien Detraias

This group mission has multiple stages. As far as you are concerned, you should run your burn when Centien Detraias is active (she goes active before Kratakel and his adds do). There is nothing else special for you to do here.

T1 Raid: Netherbian Swarm Commander

This event will have add waves that must be killed in order to unlock the HPs of the main boss – Netherbian Swarm Commander. The adds will unlock his HPs as follow:

  1. a netherbian warrior (-1%) – 8 total spawn. No abilities.
  2. a netherbian ravager (-3%) – 4 total spawn. Casts Opening the Way. HP DoT that will immediately cast Netherbian Spawn if hit with Infestation.
  3. a netherbian infestor (-3%) – 4 total spawn. Casts Infestation. HP and Mana DoT. Dooms Netherbian Spawn (an AoE and spawns a warrior). Can be cured.
  4. a netherbian energist (-6%) – 4 total spawn. Casts a PBAE DD.
  5. a netherbian invigorator (-6%) – 4 total spawn. Heals netherbians that enter its aura.
  6. a netherbian infuser (-6%) – 4 total spawn. Casts a damage shield on netherbians.
  7. a drone (0%) – lots spawn (can be mezzed)
  8. a newborn drone (0%)- lots spawn (can be charmed)


1. Expect the event to last about 10 to 15 minutes.

2. One to two opportunities to run full burns.

3. Two spells guards are advised to be kept up:

  • Legion of Liako
  • Deviser’s Auspice – set an MGB rotation for this one

4. Glyph Spray should be used for emergency purposes if raid is overwhelmed by AEs.

To CC or Not CC?

Mezzing “a drone” may not really be optimal as it can prevent mobs from being AE’d or DoT’ed by casters. Furthermore, it can confuse off-tanks trying to group the mobs together.

The same thing goes with charming “a newborn drone” – unless you are doing the raid achievement to not kill them. At best, you can probably Dire Charm one for extra DPS to last you a solid 6 minute duration. Just make sure to cast NPT on it so that the raid knows it’s a pet.

When to Burn?

Burns should ideally happen on the 1st wave of mobs once they are in camp and locked down by off-tanks. This event can last anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes depending on your raid force. This means you might be able to use up to two rounds of burns.

T1 Raid: Doomshade

Doomshade can be found up top on his platform with a pool. He constantly casts a PBAE DD at timed intervals. He will need to be carefully kept to one side (when active) to leave a safe space on the other side of the event area.

Every time Doomshade loses 20% health, he will become inactive and return to the pool. When this happens, one of the Dark Masters will activate. Each Dark Master has an ability that will be granted to Doomshade when the Dark Master dies. When a Dark Master dies, Doomshade activates again.

For each living Dark Master, one add will be spawned each time Doomshade loses a percentage of health (currently 9%). These are called Fading Shadow and have no abilities. They can be mezzed.

Every time the boss losses 15% health shadows will gather. An aura will spawn and a large number of shades will spawn and move toward the aura. Each of them that is allowed to reach the aura will make it grow larger and last longer. Any player character in that aura will be hit with a mean spell.


1. Expect the event to last about 10 to 20 minutes.

2. One to two opportunities to run full burns.

3. Two spells guards are advised to be kept up:

  • Legion of Liako – set an MGB rotation for this one
  • Deviser’s Auspice

4. Glyph Spray should additionally be used if you run out of MGBs for Legion of Liako. Or it should be used if you see the raid getting overwhelmed by AE DDs.

To CC or Not CC?

Mezzing “a fading shadow” may not really be optimal as it can prevent tank placement of adds. It will also prevent DoT’ing classes from killing them sooner. I’ve done this event with both terrible and great raid DPS teams, and it never seemed to matter.

Keep in mind that if you take your time to kill the adds slowly (fading shadows first and then dark master), Doomshade will remain inactive.

When to Burn?

Ideally, it’s best to burn once Doomshade goes inactive and you have the adds spawned in camp. This way you can kill the add mobs quicker and why it makes little sense to CC them during this period of time – at least.

If you get another round of burns ready, then you can burn at whichever point you have them.

T1 Raid: Zelnithak

This event takes place in three stages, though there are some mechanics that happen throughout. At health percent losses (currently 9%), Zelnithak will spawn three adds. One is mezzable, one charmable, and one can’t be CC’ed. This ends when the boss is at 12%. These adds will also gain a lesser and opposite version of the boss’ resistance (explained below). So if Zelnithak is melee resistant, the adds should have less magical resistance.

Once Zelnithak is below a specific health percentage (currently 87%) stage 1 will begin. It will alternate between stage 1 and 2 at health 87/66/48/30. At 12% we move to stage 3.

Stage 1 (at 87% HP and then again at 48% HP)

At this stage Zelnithak will cast an area of effect. Its coat will grow spikes and it gains a damage shield. The adds will become more vulnerable to melee damage. Auras will appear at intervals that will cast an area of effect and despawn after about 10 seconds.

Stage 2 (at 66% HP and then again at 30% HP)

On transition, Zelnithak will cast a point-blank area of effect. Zelnithak gains spell reflection and the adds become more vulnerable to magic. Also, at intervals Zelnithak will summon swarms of insects (basically, an insect-looking aura) to chase after an emoted player.

Stage 3 (at 12% HP)

Zelnithak will cease resistance to melee and magic. The adds, however, will gain both of those resistances. They also become immune to all crowd control. Upon death the adds will explode, releasing the energy that gave them that resistance.


1. Expect the event to last about 10 to 20 minutes.

2. Opportunities for up to two rounds of burns.

3. Recommended spell guards:

  • Legion of Liako – set an MGB rotation for it
  • Deviser’s Auspice

4. Set enchanter rotation for Glyph Spray + Legion of Liako.

To CC or Not CC?

It is not worthwhile to CC in this event at all. It may even cause a hindrance, if you do, due to positioning of the mobs – causing problems for tanks. Your priority is spell guarding which is far more important and should not be delayed.

Spell Guards at HP Intervals: 87/66/48/30

Note that these are the HP intervals where Zelnithak not only changes melee vs spell resistance, but he will also do a LARGE PBAE DD on the raid. You should try to Glyph Spray or MGB Legion of Liako about 2% sooner.

1st enchanter: 89%

2nd enchanter: 68%

3rd enchanter: 50%


If you don’t have enough enchanters to Glyph Spray then use Legion of Liako where needed. It is best to map out the plan for Glyph Sprays and Legion of Liakos before the event starts.

When to Burn?

This will depend on your raid force and how well both melee and casters can burn. If you burn at the start, then melee should be burning on the adds at the 87% switch where adds become melee vulnerable. If you are not doing caster burns at the start, then burn on the adds as soon as you see them, carrying back over to Zelnithak, himself, at 87%.

Spell vs Melee Vulnerability

As a quick recap note these HP percentages so you don’t waste burns on the wrong mobs

100 to 88% – Zelnithak and any adds are vulnerable to melee and spells

87% – Zelnithak becomes spell vulnerable, adds become melee vulnerable

66% – Zelnithak becomes melee vulnerable, adds become spell vulnerable

48% – Zelnithak becomes spell vulnerable, adds become melee vulnerable

30% – Zelnithak becomes melee vulnerable, adds become spell vulnerable

12% – Zelnithak is vulnerable to both melee and spells. Any adds remaining will become resistant to BOTH! Adds should be killed by casters before he reaches 12% as a result.

T2 Raid: Shei Vinitras

This is the first bane event you will encounter in ToL. Shei Vinitras will be rooted in place at the top of the pedestal he stands on. All ranged DPS (including enchanters) should be on the floor.

Datiar xi tavuelim (bald alien-looking creatures) will spawn as Shei Vinitras reaches the following health percentages. These will explode after 30 seconds. For the first 10 they will not fight back, after that they do. Shei Vinitras will not go below 2% health if any Datiar xi tavuelim are alive. These mobs are ONLY take bane damage:

  • One at 75 and 60%
  • Three at 50, 40, 35, and 30%
  • Five at 25, 21, 17, 14, 11, 8, 6, 4, and 2%


1. The duration of this event is about 10 minutes

2. Should only need one round of burns.

3. Recommended spells and abilities to use:

  • Mesmerise (level 2 single target mez)
  • Entrancing Lights (level 30 PBAE mez)
  • Beguiler’s Banishment (AA)
  • Beam of Slumber (AA)
  • Noctambulate (AA)

When to Burn?

At the start of the event is optimal for you to burn. As soon as Shei is killed, any adds will also disappear as soon as he is killed.

Banes Are Your PRIORITY

You want to use the fastest-casting mez and root/punt abilities you have. If a bane mob stays up for longer than 10 seconds it will begin to summon or attack people. If it stays up for 30 seconds then it will explode on people. You must get rid of the bane mobs in under 10 seconds of them being up.

T2 Raid: Aten Ha Ra

This is the second bane event you will encounter in ToL, although the baning is relatively minor and reserved for single mezzes on gargoyles when active. The event starts off with Aten Ha Ra standing inactive to the rear of her room. There will be three initial waves of Pli Liakos mobs. These are timed wave spawns. Once the third wave spawns, Aten Ha Ra will go active together with those adds.

For the entire event, Aten Ha Ra will cast an area of effect called Silence of Shadows on an emoted player. That emoted player will have a few seconds to move away from the raid. Failure to move will result in all surrounding players to become silenced.

Once she engages, Aten Ha Ra will cast an area of effect called Fluctuating Gravity at intervals for the rest of the event, and an emoted target player will also have a short time to get away from the raid. Also, at this time and for the rest of the event, golems will spawn at sides of the room and cross. Anyone caught by the golems’ purple auras around them will be DD’ed and stunned for a brief period of time.

Aten Ha Ra will call upon the gargoyles that rest on their perches above the room. One at a time they will awaken (every 12% of Aten Ha Ra’s health). Once awake they will swoop slowly down from and apply a strong DoT on a random player, then return to their roost.

Once Aten Ha Ra is below 50% HP, she will summon Kaas Thox Xi Ha Ra Dat and Kaas Thox Xi Ha Ra Set. These two mobs will then spawn smaller shadow blobs if allowed to touch. These unstable shadows will move toward Aten Ha Ra. Upon reaching her she will cause them to explode, causing a huge AE DD to hit the raid.

When either Kaas Thox Xi Ha Ra Dat or Kaas Thox Xi Ha Ra Set split, their smaller versions of themselves will have the same properties. Until both (all) Kaas Thox Xi Ha Ra Dat and Kaas Thox Xi Ha Ra Set are defeated, Aten Ha Ra cannot be killed.


1. The duration of this event can be about 15 minutes or less.

2. Opportunity for one to two round of burns.

3. Recommended spells to include in your spell lineup:

  • Any-level single-target mez
  • Legion of Liako – set an MGB rotation for it

5. Use a Glyph Spray if you see players are about to fail emotes and overwhelm the raid

When to Burn?

Full burns will happen on the third wave of Pli Liako adds that go active together with Aten Ha Ra. You can carry the burns into Aten Ha Ra once the adds are dead. Use burns on refresh thereafter.

When to Bane?

Every 12% HP that you knock off Aten Ha Ra, a gargoyle will go active up top and slowly descend down. These are called “a smirking guardian.” There is an emote that also alerts you of this. You need to be looking straight up top to see which gargoyle is moving around. All you need to do is cast ONE single mez spell on the gargoyle to bane it and make it go inactive. Rinse and repeat at every 12% intervals of Aten Ha Ra’s life.

Glyph Spray and Legion of Liako

Glyph Sprays and Legion of Liakos should be used in case of an emergency or when emoted players are failing to move. You will see a huge aura surrounding the emoted player, and it’s a good indicator to judge if that player will move in time or hit the raid with silence or DDs. If you see the player not moving, then it’s best to hit the raid with a Glyph Spray immediately before getting hit with the penalty.

T2 Raid: Free the Goranga

Xin Tetorau Dator is the main boss mob that goes active once the event is triggered. Her powers are the following:

Linked Shadow Shackles – Chooses one target. After 10 or so seconds that person will become the anchor for the shackles, and everyone nearby will be pulled to them and held there for a while.

Moon Fall – Xin Tetorau Dator calls upon Luclin to crush her foes. At time intervals protective auras will appear, one for every 20% health she has (so starting at 5, lowering to 1). Anyone not in those auras will be hit by the Moon Fall. The auras look like purple, sparkly bubbles.

Summon Shadow – At health intervals (currently 9%) she will call four Liquid Shadows from the pool at the center of the city to come to her aid.

These mechanics persist throughout the event, although they can be affected by certain player actions listed below:

There are five “pens” filled with goranga of various types. Each is guarded. As the boss loses HP, she will call some of those guards to help. At that time the runes penning the goranga can be destroyed and those goranga will get free. They may or may not help you with your fight. The wards can be killed with damage but will explode when destroyed and will feedback whenever hit with magic.

The goranga thieves are guarded by the Senshali (stealthy assassins). When called to assist Xin Tetorau Dator, they leave their charges and teleport to the rooftops. From there they will just flat out murder some people. If the pen of particularly sneaky goranga they guarded are freed, Xin Tetorau Dator send the Senshali to kill them and they leave the fight (their mechanic stops).

The goranga mystics are guarded by the Laiko (priests). If freed, the mystics will walk up to the scrying pools and sacrifice themselves to destroy the magic in it. This has the effect of weakening the Moon Fall power. Instead of everyone needing to get into one of the protective auras, specific players will be called as victims and only they will have to get into the auras or be bonked.

The tired slaves are guarded by the Sentien (protectors). If freed, the tired slaves will basically mope off and nobody cares.

The rowdy slaves are also guarded by Sentien. If freed the will destroy the small pool in the center of the area and then run off. Destroying the pool drastically reduces the number of shadows the pool will spawn.

The violent goranga, also guarded by Sentien, will try to join the fight if freed. Xin Tetorau Dator will expend her power to bind them all, which weakens her Linked Shadow Shackles so that it can only link two people together.

Xin Tetorau Dator cannot be defeated until all of the Akhevan guards are killed at least. Defeat her and win the event


1. The duration of this event can be about 10 to 20 minutes.

2. Opportunities for one to two round of burns.

3. Recommended spells to include in your spell lineup:

  • Legion of Liako
  • Deviser’s Auspice – set an MGB rotation for it

When to Burn?

Once the event is triggered, Xin Tetorau Dator will be tanked at the raid. As soon as she goes down by 9% HP (or hits 92% HP – I think), adds will spawn. Basically, just be concerned with seeing the adds in camp. Once the adds are all in camp, you want to then burn.

Binding Wards and Death Touches

Depending on your raid leaders, certain groups (usually casters or ranged DPS) will be tasked to periodically run off and kill binding wards. Some raid teams might kill just half of them and deal with a few death touches in the end, while other raid teams might kill all of them. There is a raid achievement to not kill any of the binding wards, in which case the raid will be dealing with random death touches throughout most of the raid. So if you unexpectedly die out of the blue, you were probably death-touched (it happens on a random player).

Good Auras, Bad Auras and Glyph Sprays

At every 20% of Xin Tetorau Dator’s health intervals, giant bubble auras will appear. You need to run into one of these auras or else you get slammed with a large DoT.

Periodically, a single player will get emoted with a large aura beneath their feet. That player needs to run into the nearest building/ruin and stay out of line of site from the raid. Failure to run away and hide into a building may result in other players getting leashed and pulled towards that player, silencing them and take DoT damage.

You will have to use your judgment for any Glyph sprays and Deviser’s Auspices. If a player is not moving with the aura, it can potentially wipe the raid if they get silenced and DoT’d. Landing a Glyph Spray right before the emote failure can help prevent a wipe in these cases.

T3 Raid: Oubliette

This event takes place in two stages. You must defeat two mini bosses, Fade and Umber, to enter the area of the oubliettes. There is nothing to bother charming nor mezzing here.

Stage 1: Part 1 – Adds

When the event starts, six Thall Tetoracu Liako mobs will appear. The Thall Tetoracu Liako will cast Fading Strength and Focus of Umber on targets. These will affect the fight with Fade and Umber. Fading Strength will amplify Fade’s PBAoE and Focus of Umber will amplify the damage from Umber’s PBAoE.

At time intervals the lamps over the hallways will drop their lights. Shades will spawn where they land and move down the halls. These harm those that get too close. Once all six of the Thall Tetoracu Liako are dead, Fade and Umber will activate.

Stage 1: Part 2 – Fade and Umber

Fade casts Radiating Shade at intervals, a PBAoE that just does HP damage. It will also single out a few targets and cast Fade Away on them, which reduces movement speed and attack power. This will doom Faded Away when it expires. Faded away will make the target invulnerable and unable to attack.

Umber casts Umbral Swath, a PBAoE that just does HP damage. It also casts Umbral Force on a couple of targets. That will try to fling the target over the railing.

Once Umber and Fade are dead, the door at the end of the hall will unlock and Stage 2 will start.

Stage 2

There will be about 30 seconds to get into the room and engage Keltakun, Last Word.


Encircling Shadows – A “donuts” aura that grows until it reaches the outside of the area, then stops. There are about 10 seconds between each increase when it is safe to move to a new, safe location. Anyone caught by the encircling shadows will be stunned and take some damage.

Shadow chainer – these appear at intervals and wait for someone to die. When that happens, they chain that person’s shadow and bring it to the defense of Keltakun. The shadow chainers will fight back but will not move or summon. The chainer will leave once one shadow is claimed. These stolen shadows will cast Dark Wind, which is a PBAoE that will knock people back, stun, and harm them.

Draining Darkness that harms everyone in the area.

Once Keltakun is below 75% health Grasping Hands begin to appear. These appear when the Encircling Shadows appear. They will grab anyone that gets too close and hold them in place. Once below 45% health, these Grasping Hands will take anyone they grab and place them into an oubliette. Other heroes will have to slide open the proper walkway so that they can return to the fight. He will also start to summon shadowstone jailers to its aid.

Keltakun cannot be defeated until all of the jailers are destroyed.


1. The duration of this event can be about 10 to 20 minutes.

2. Opportunities for up to two rounds of burns.

3. Recommended spell guards to keep up:

  • Legion of Liako – set an MGB rotation for it
  • Deviser’s Auspice

When to Burn?

This will depend on your raid force’s DPS. Some raid teams burn at the start when a wave of multiple adds go active. Other raid teams may burn when Fade goes active (which happens after the initial wave of adds are killed). It is best to consult with your group on which is best.

If you have another round of burns ready, this is will most likely be on stage 2. They should be used once available.

Spell Guards

Periodic DDs can happen during Stage 1. At most, maybe a Legion of Liako should be tossed on players. Any Glyph Sprays are best reserved for Stage 2 – especially if multiple players are getting trapped inside bad auras.

T3 Raid: Primal Vampire

The event begins with Primal Vampire going active.

Floating Feasts spawn at time intervals and on HP intervals (though only for the first stage of the event). They are not CC’able. When they die, they do an AE DD + mana drain that is called Feeding Frenzy. They will also drop a Blood Sac once killed. The raid leader will designate a player to collect these sacs and combine them into an Enlarged Sac of Blood, then into a Big Sac of Blood. Once the player has a large enough sac of blood, they will use it to prevent the Feeding Frenzy four times.

Two “An amorphous vampire” aka blobs will spawn at HP intervals of the boss (75, 50, 35, and 20%). These blobs will grow, trying to form into another Primal Vampire. If they are allowed to reach full size, they reform the Primal Vampire (effectively, the event starts over). Also, if the current Primal Vampire dies while one of these is alive, it will take control of that blob and reform (also effectively resetting the event).

Stage 1

This is when the floating feasts also appear every time the Primal Vampire takes 6% health damage.

Stage 2

At 75% health, blobs will spawn in pairs. A group of 4 tenacious ticks start to appear shortly after. Each tick will target a player, taking their hit points and mana, and lowering their stats. In order to survive (if you are targeted by a tick), you most likely need to use a Dragon Glyph.

Stage 3

When Primal Vampire reaches 40% HP, feasts spawn faster (timer only this time). Primal Vampire starts casting Boiling Bloodrage on several players, charming them. The charm will be broken off the players each time a floating feast is killed. If a charmed player dies with the bloodrage still active they will hit the raid with a nasty AE DoT (HP and mana drain, slow, cast time increase, and the suppression of procs and other abilities).

Yellow auras also appear at random locations. Players caught in aura will take large amounts of damage.

Primal Vampire’s HP locks at 5%~ and 3%~ while players are charmed.


1. The duration of this event is about 15 minutes.

2. Opportunities for up to two rounds of burns.

3. Recommended spell guards:

  • Legion of Liako – set an MGB rotation for it
  • Deviser’s Auspice

When to Burn?

In order to not get overwhelmed by AE DDs and adds, the raid force may need to pace their damage in the beginning. You should burn on the first wave of tick adds that spawn when PV is at 75% HP.

Managing Spell Guards

Ideally, you really want to hit Glyph Spray if the timed AE DD looks like it will coincide with the AE DD from a feast that is about to die (to be able to save the raid from a double DD hit). Usually, such enchanters will have event GINA triggers to figure this out while also seeing if a feast is about to the die around the same time as the timed explosion.

Legion of Liako needs to really be used a lot here (both for MGB and to periodically be reapplied on your group. Priests (such as druids healing caster groups) do not have any form of a spell guard unlike INT casters that use Shield of Inevitability as a backup.

T3 Raid: Close the Gate

This is a timed event.

Stage 1

Then there will be stone grabbers and gargoyles. The stone grabbers cast Shattering Stomp, a PB AE DD. The gargoyles will turn to stone when at about 30% and regain health. The only way to break them out is with the Shattering Stomp. If left alone they will return to 50% health and boost their damage. They also cast a DoT for mana with instant HP damage. Once the third shadowstone grabber dies, the second stage activates.

Stage 2

Akheva arrive.

Pli Liako will create a dark orb, then a light orb a bit later. If these two orbs overlap they will cause Complete Shadows, which will lower max HP and Mana and should cover just about the entire area and last an eternity.

Xin Thall Tavuel casts an AE that just does a low level of HP and mana drain to the entire area.

Centien Detraias summons adds. Deadly shade, shade (mezzable), and waning shadow (charmable).

Stage 3

Kratakel, Lord Misery + Servants of Shadow and Servants of Light.

Servants of Shadow use a light and dark mechanic. The light ones will cast a nasty negative affect on specific targets. The dark ones will teleport to set locations and cast an aura on themselves that is also nasty. Both have a set duration.

If a person with the light debuff (Touch of Light – 52725) enters the dark aura then the light debuff is removed, a shadow spawns and acts as their pet. They then have few seconds to back out and not get hit with the darkness aura. If the player with the shadow is out of the zone (dead, for example), then the shadow is free to do whatever (attack players). The dark servants will be rooted for a short time so they can be controlled. but will un-root after 10 seconds or so.

If one dark servant enters the aura of another dark servant, both will pulse an overwhelming darkness AoE and their auras will depop.

As servant adds are killed, Kratakel HP unlocks.

Kratakel hits hard and sometimes puts up a damage shield. He also casts nightmares (a death-touch, simon-says mechanic) on four random targets (not his main tank). It shows up as a debuff in your regular buff window. if allowed to run its course, it will just kill you instantly. To remove them (do not use perm abilties).

  • Chased! – click JBoots or use a Sow Potions
  • Drowning! – use an enduring breath potion or spell
  • Bugs! – Have a damage shield cast on you, or click your cloak (if it has a DS)
  • Falling! – Have levitation cast on you (your mount and bard songs work, too)

NOTE: Having these spells up when the doom spells land won’t work, they must land on you after the doom is on you.

On top of all this fun, Kratakel will also spawn three mobs which SHOULD BE BANED by low level spells. The correct bane must be used on the respective mob or else you simply end up healing it. More on this further below..


1. The duration of this event can be about 15 minutes.

2. Opportunities for up to two rounds of burns

3. Recommended spells to include in your spell lineup:

  • Mesmerise – level 2 mez spell
  • Charm – level 11 charm spell
  • Legion of Liako
  • Deviser’s Auspice

Glyph Spray

One enchanter should Glyph Spray on the raid before start. Mobs will be brought to where the raid is standing (while off-tanks keep the stonegrabbers separated). One of the stonegrabber’s should be the main focus to kill first. They do a super nasty AE DD aka stomp when all three of them are up. This is why Glyph Spray needs to already be prebuffed. Legion of Liako may NOT cut it alone on the first stomp!

When to Burn?

Burns should happen near the beginning as soon as the first stonegrabber is in camp. The rest of the burn will be carried into the other mobs.

You should use any second round of burns on refresh, since the event is over (and mobs despawn) once Kratakal dies.

To CC or Not CC?

Upon the last/third stonegrabber’s death (which should be the last mob to kill), stage two will go active. You’ll get a bunch of Akhevan mobs as well as (notable) a shade (mezzable), and waning shadow (charmable). If you want, you can just dire-charm the waning shadow to just keep it CC’d briefly until the MA wants to kill it.


During the last stage – Kratakel will start spawning a yellow-conning raven and three light-blue conning adds at certain health intervals. The light-blue conning adds must be baned quickly with the correct spell:

  • bats = mez bane
  • pools = charm bane
  • shades = slow bane (shaman and other classes can do it, too)

You want to use your lowest level charm and mez spells for these banes in order to spam them as fast as possible. You will do more harm than good using higher level spells that “land” on them as they can get wiped off the ETW list.