Reference: Spell Affect (SPA) List

Updated on 11/30/2022 and acts as a reference to How Stuff Works: Spell Affects (SPAs)

Searching SPAs

In the next several sections, the SPA list is broken down per every 100 effects.

Effects highlighted in orange mean:

  • They are not used in live game
  • May have been used at one point in AAs that later were removed/refunded

Effects highlighted in blue can mean any or all of the following:

  • Might not be “seen” by players (nor can be picked up by a spell parser)
  • Might be NPC or GM spell effects
  • Have no available data – existence is uncertain

Effects highlighted in magenta can mean any or all of the following:

  • Confirmed appearance on “test” spells detected by spell parsers

You may see SPAs that do the same thing or look similar to other SPAs in the general descriptions. The reasons are simply for stacking and non-stacking purposes. The Affect Names are a bit funny-looking, too. Some of them may have no relation to the actual effect they produce, or they evolved over time beyond their original intended use.

SPA List 0 – 100
SPA Affect Name General Description
0 HP Current Hit Points (ie: DDs, heals, DoTs, etc)
1 AC Armor Class
2 Attack Power Offense
3 Movement Rate Movement Speed
4 STR Strength stat
5 DEX Dexterity stat
6 AGI Agility stat
7 STA Stamina stat
8 INT Intelligence
9 WIS Wisdom stat
10 CHA Charisma stat
11 Melee Speed Haste and Slow spells
12 Invisibility Invisibility (Unstable)
13 See Invis See through invisibility
14 Enduring Breath Breath underwater
15 Mana Current Mana
16 NPC-Frenzy No data available
17 NPC-Awareness No data available
18 NPC Aggro Pacify – NPC reaction to attack first
19 NPC Faction Increase NPC faction (from spells)
20 Blindness Block sight – untouched NPCs run in random directions
21 Stun Interrupt movement, hitting and casting
22 Charm Command a target
23 Fear Lose control and flee
24 Fatigue No effect – re-purposed for vanity effects
25 Bind Affinity Set a primary bind point
26 Gate Return to primary bind point
27 Dispel Magic Remove magic effects
28 Invis vs Undead Invisibility to Undead (Unstable)
29 Invis vs Animals Invisibility to Animals (Unstable)
30 NPC-ReactRange NPC aggro radius
31 Enthrall (Mez) Sleep a target for a duration or until damaged
32 Summon Item Summon an item
33 Summon Pet Summon a permanent pet
34 Confuse Seen only on “Nimbus of Temporal Rifting”
35 Disease Disease counter on cure spells or debuffs
36 Poison Poison counter on cure spells or debuffs
37 DetectHostile No data available
38 UNUSED DetectMagic
39 NoTwincast Twincast blocker – prevents spell from using TC
40 Invulnerability Immunity to damage but unable to cast or melee
41 Destroy Instantly destroy a target – results in no experience
42 Shadow Step Teleport a short distance
43 Berserk Crippling blow effect triggered at low HP
44 Lycanthropy Stacking: Delayed Heal Marker
45 Vampirism No data available
46 Resist Fire Found in resist buffs and debuffs
47 Resist Cold Found in resist buffs and debuffs
48 Resist Poison Found in resist buffs and debuffs
49 Resist Disease Found in resist buffs and debuffs
50 Resist Magic Found in resist buffs and debuffs
51 Detect(Switch)Traps No data available
52 Detect Undead Face in the direction of a nearest undead NPC
53 Detect Summoned Face in the direction of a nearest summoned NPC
54 Detect Animals Face in the direction of a nearest animal NPC
55 Stoneskin Absorb 100% melee and DD damage
56 True North Face North
57 Levitation Levitation effect
58 Change Form Illusion effect
59 Damage Attackers Damage shield effect
60 UNUSED TranserItem
61 Identify Display lore information from an item
62 Item ID Specify item ID for another effect to use
63 NPC-WipeHatelist Chance to memory blur
64 SpinStun Spin and stun a target
65 Infravision Slightly increase night vision
66 Ultravision Greatly improve Night vision
67 NPC-POV Summon a probe to see through its eyes
68 Reclaim Energy Kill summoned pet in exchange for mana
69 MaxHP Total hit point pool
70 CorpseBomb No data available
71 Create Undead Summon undead pet (ie: NEC and SK pets)
72 PreserveCorpse No data available
73 TargetsView See through the eyes of a target
74 Feign Death Clear hate-list by falling to the floor
75 Ventriloquism Voice Graft – speak through a pet
76 Sentinel Notify of NPC movement within a radius of effect
77 LocateCorpse Face the direction of a targeted PC’s corpse
78 SpellShield Absorbs 100% DD dmg
79 InstantHP Increase/decrease current HP of target once
80 UNUSED EnchantLight (on Enchantment of Light spell removed)
81 Resurrect Resurrection spells
82 Summon Target Summon a target in the same zone (ie: Call of the Hero)
83 Portal Teleport to a zone
84 Hp-NPC-ONLY Fling a PC into the air – does not affect an NPC
85 Contact Ability (PC) Add a melee proc – from buffs
86 NPC-Help-Radius Decrease social (or “/assist”) radius of an NPC target
87 Telescope Magnify (or “zoom”) in or out on screen
88 Combat Portal Evacuation – has a chance to leave other PCs behind
89 Height Increase or decrease size
90 IgnorePet Pet invisibility
91 SummonCorpse Summon a target’s corpse
92 Hate(spell) Hate modifier from a spell, clicky or proc effect
93 WeatherControl Turn rain on/off in outdoor zones
94 Fragile Cancel effect (by removing buff) when combat is initiated
95 Sacrifice Kill a PC to create an essence emerald (NEC only)
96 Silence Inhibit spell-casting
97 MaxMana Total mana pool
98 BardHaste Bard melee haste – found on SoV era bard songs
99 Root Immobilize a target – prevent it from moving
100 HP Duration Only Heal over time
SPA List 101 – 200
SPA Affect Name General Description
101 Complete Heal Increase Current HP by 7500
102 Pet No Fear Immunity to fear (pet only)
103 Summon Pet Summon a pet to PC’s location
104 Translocate Translocate a PC to a location (with confirmation box)
105 Anti-Gate (NPC) Inhibit NPC target from casting Gate
106 BeastLordPet Beast Lord summon pet spells
107 UNUSED AlterPetLevel
108 Familiar Summon a familiar
109 CreateItemInBag Summon “pack” of items
110 UNUSED Ranger Archery Accuracy %
111 Resistances Affects all resists (together)
112 Fizzle Rate Adjust casting skill
113 SummonMount Summon a mount
114 Modify Hate Modify hate the bearer (from spell) generates by a %
115 Cornucopia Eliminate need for food and hunger
116 Curse Curse counter
117 HitMagic Apply a magic effect to a non-magic weapon
118 Amplification Singing skill modifier (BRD only)
119 BardHaste2 Increase melee haste (overhaste)
120 HealMod Modify healing received – before crit
121 IronMaiden Reverse damage shield – used on an enemy target
122 ReduceSkill Decrease a combat skill
123 Screech Used as a spell/buff blocker
124 Fc_Damage_% Focus spell dmg by a % – before DoT crit, after DD crit
125 Fc_HealMod Focus heal spells by a %
126 Fc_ResistMod Spell resist modifier (ie: Focus Arcanum AA)
127 Fc_CastTimeMod1 Focus spell haste
128 Fc_DurationMod Focus spell duration
129 Fc_RangeMod Focus spell range
130 Fc_HateMod Focus hate generated from a PC’s spells (and bash)
131 Fc_ReagentMod Chance to not use a reagent in a spell
132 Fc_ManaMod Focus mana cost of spells
133 Fc_StunTimeMod Focus stun duration
134 Ff_LevelMax Limit to a spell’s maximum level
135 Ff_ResistType Limit to a spell’s resist-type
136 Ff_TargetType Limit to a spell’s target type (ie: PB, AE, etc)
137 Ff_WhichSPA Limit to a spell’s SPA
138 Ff_Beneficial Limit to a spell’s beneficial type
139 Ff_WhichSpellID Limit to a spell’s Spell ID
140 Ff_DurationMin Limit to a spell’s minimum duration
141 Ff_InstantOnly Limit to a spell’s DD or instant-duration heal
142 Ff_LevelMin Limit based on a spell’s minimum level
143 Ff_CastTimeMin Limit based on a spell’s minimum cast time
144 Ff_CastTimeMax Limit based on a spell’s maximum cast time
145 Portal NPC Used by NPCs to teleport or banish PCs to a location
146 Portal Locations Designate data or coordinate (ie: portal spells)
147 Percent Heal Increase/decrease current HP by a %
148 StackingBlocker Block an incoming spell – using conditions
149 StripVirtualSlot Remove/overwrite an existing spell – using conditions
150 DeathPact Divine intervention – heal triggered on HP conditions
151 PocketPet Suspend a summoned pet
152 PetSwarm Summon swarm pet(s) – short-duration pets
153 Damage Balance Balance current HP in group (ie: Divine Arbitration)
154 Cancel Negative Dispel detrimental effect(s)
155 PoP Resurrect No data available
156 Mirror Form Illusion: target
157 Feedback Spell dmg shield – damage spell-casting enemies back
158 Reflect Chance to reflect a spell back to an enemy
159 Mod All Stats Increase/decrease all base stats
160 Inebriation Intoxicate a target based on alcohol tolerance skill
161 Spell Guard Absorb a percentage of direct spell damage
162 Melee Guard Absorb a percentage of melee hit damage
163 Absorb Hit Absorb a number of hits/spells (w/ max dmg per hit)
164 Object – SenseTrap Detect a trap on a targeted chest – caster-only spell
165 Object – DisarmTrap Disarm a trap on a targeted chest – caster-only spell
166 Object – Picklock Unlock a targeted chest – caster-only spell
167 Fc_Pet Focus/increase a summoned pet’s power
168 Defensive Melee damage mitigation effect
169 Critical Melee (PC) Chance to land a critical melee hit
170 Spell Crit Damage Increase critical DD damage (from base damage)
171 Crippling Blow Chance to land a crippling blow
172 Evasion Chance to avoid melee dmg (affects raw avoidance)
173 Riposte Chance to riposte
174 Dodge Chance to dodge a melee attack
175 Parry Chance to parry an attack
176 Dual Wield Chance to dual wield an attack
177 DoubleAttack Chance to double attack (melee)
178 MeleeResourceDrain Return a percent of melee dmg inflicted as hit points
179 PureTone Bard instrument modifier
180 Sanctification Chance to resist any spell
181 Fearless Chance to resist a fear spell
182 Hundred Hands Increase/decrease weapon delay
183 UNUSED Melee Skill Chance
184 Accuracy % Chance to hit
185 Skill Dmg Mod 1 Increase/decrease to a combat skill’s hit damage
186 Min Dmg Done Mod Modifies minimum hit damage
187 Mana Balance Balances party mana pool – from an NPC spell
188 Combat Portal Evacuate – has chance to leave other PCs behind
189 Block Chance to block a melee hit
190 Max Endurance Total endurance pool
191 Amnesia Inhibit combat
192 Hate (duration) Instant or over-time hate duration
193 Skill Attack Attack effect to a specific skill
194 Fade Cancel aggro effect
195 Stun Resist Chance to resist any stun (spell/bash/kick)
196 UNUSED Strikethrough
197 Skill Dmg Taken Hit damage taken
198 Instant Endurance Current endurance
199 Taunt Taunt effect
200 Weapon Proc Rate Chance to proc a weapon effect
SPA 201 – 300
SPA Affect Name General Description
201 Range Proc Proc effect from ranged combat attacks
202 IllusionOther Project illusion effect (ie: enchanter AA ability)
203 Mass Buff Transform a beneficial group spell into an AE
204 GroupFearImmunity Group fear immunity
205 AE Rampage (PC) AE melee effect from WAR and BER
206 AE Taunt AE taunt effect from WAR
207 Flesh to Bone NEC effect to create bone chips
208 UNUSED Purge Poison (ROG ability was overhauled)
209 Cancel Beneficial Dispel a beneficial spell on a target
210 Shield Caster Pet shielding effect
211 AE Melee (PC) AE melee effect
212 FrenziedDevastation Chance to critical DD but with increased mana cost
213 Pet % HP Increase/decrease pet’s total hit points by a percent
214 HP Max Percent Increase/decrease total HP by a percent
215 Pet Avoidance % Chance for pet to avoid melee damage
216 Melee Accuracy Amt Melee accuracy by an additive amount
217 Headshot Ranger-only proc effect from Archery
218 PetMeleeCrit Chance Pet chance to critical hit (melee)
219 Slay Undead Chance to inflict additional dmg to undead mobs
220 Skill Min Dmg Amt 1 Bonus damage to a melee skill
221 ReduceWeight Weight reduction (ie: Packrat AA)
222 BlockBehind Chance to block a melee effect from behind
223 Double Riposte Chance to perform a double riposte
224 Add Riposte Chance to perform an additional riposte
225 Give Double Attack Chance to perform a double attack
226 2hBash Bash with 2-handed weapons
227 ReduceSkillTimer Reduce reuse time on a skill
228 ReduceFallDmg Reduce damage taken from falling
229 CastThroughStun Chance to continue casting a spell while stunned
230 Shield Distance Increase WAR /shield range
231 StunBashChance Chance to stun with bash ability
232 Divine Save Increase chance to trigger divine intervention
233 Metabolism Decrease food/drink consumption rate
234 Poison Mastery Modify ROG poison application time
235 Focus Channeling Chance to avoid a spell interrupt (ie: when pushed)
236 UNUSED FreePet
237 PetAffinity Enable pet to receive group buffs
238 Permanent Illusion Enable an illusion to persist while zoning
239 Stonewall Chance to Feign Death through a successful spell hit
240 StringUnbreakable Prevent a resisted spell from breaking feign death
241 ImprovedReclaimEnergy Increase mana returned from reclaim energy
242 IncreaseMemwipeChance Increase chance for successful memory blur
243 NoBreakCharmChance Decrease chance for charm to break
244 RootBreakChance Chance for a root spell to break
245 Trap Circumvention Reduce chance of setting off a trap
246 Lung Capacity Increase time allowed to breath underwater
247 IncreaseSkillCap Increase skill cap of a skill
248 ExtraSpecialization Enable a 2nd specialization skill to go past 50
249 Offhand MinDmg Bonus Minimum damage bonus to offhand weapons
250 ContactAbility Chance Increase melee proc rate from a buff
251 EndlessQuiver Decrease chance to consume an arrow
252 Frontal Backstab Chance Chance to backstab from the front
253 Chaotic Stab Allow a frontal stab
254 NoSpell Used after last effect in a spell as a blank spell slot
255 Shielding Duration Mod Modify duration of WAR /shield ability
256 Shroud of Stealth Improves stealth from ROG “Hide” ability
257 UNUSED GivePetHold
258 Triple Backstab Chance to triple backstab
259 ACLimitMod Modify AC Soft Cap
260 AddInstrumentMod Modify BRD singing and instruments
261 SongModCap Modify song skill cap
262 StatsCap Raises a base stat cap (ie: AGI, DEX, etc)
263 TradeskillMasteries Pertains to New Tanaan Crafting Mastery AA
264 ReduceAATimer Reduce the reuse timer of an AA ability
265 NoFizzle No fizzle on spells (ie: Mastery of the Past AA)
266 AddExtraAttack% (2h) Chance for an additional 2-handed attack
267 AddPetCommands Pertains to Companion’s Discipline AA
268 AlcFailRate Reduce chance to fail a tradeskill
269 Bandage Max HP Limit % Max % for bind wound skill to heal
270 Beneficial Song Radius % Radius of beneficial BRD songs to reach other PCs
271 BaseRunMod Modify base movement speed
272 Bard Song Level Modify BRD song casting skill
273 Critical DoT Chance to land a critical DoT spell
274 CriticalHeal Chance to land a critical instant-duration heal
275 Critical Mend % Chance to critical mend (MNK only)
276 DualWieldAmt Chance to dual wield
277 ExtraDIChance Increase chance to trigger divine intervention
278 FinishingBlow Chance to proc Finishing Blow
279 FlurryChance (PC) Chance for a PC to flurry
280 PetFlurryChance Chance for pet to flurry (ie: Companion’s Fury AA)
281 GivePetFeign Chance for a pet to feign death (NEC/SHD only)
282 Bandage Heal % Increases healing amount from bind wound skill
283 SpecialAttackChain Allow MNK additional attacks from special attack skills
284 UNUSED LoHSetHeal
285 Hide While Moving Chance for hide skill to work while moving
286 Fc_Damage_Amt Increase spell dmg by a flat amount (after crit)
287 Fc_DurationMod (static) Increase duration of a spell
288 Add Proc Hit (AA) Add a proc effect to a combat skill (granted by AAs)
289 Doom Duration Cast a spell when a spell fades
290 IncreaseMovementCap Increase movement speed past the cap
291 Purify Chance to dispel detrimental effects
292 Strikethrough Chance to strike through an enemy’s defenses
293 StunResist2 (Melee) Chance to resist a stunning melee attack
294 SpellCritChance Chance to crit a DD
295 ReduceTimerSpecial No data available
296 Fc_Spell_Dmg % Inc Focus spell damage taken by a %
297 Fc_Spell_Dmg_Amt_Inc Focus spell damage taken by an amount
298 Height (Small) Decrease pet size
299 Wake the Dead 1 Conjure a swarm pet from a nearby corpse
300 Doppelganger Summon swarm pet with hatred equal to owner
SPA List 301 – 400
SPA Affect Name General Description
301 Increase Range Damage Increase RNG archery damage
302 Fc_Damage_%_Crit Focus spell damage by a % – before crit
303 Fc_Damage_Amt_Crit Focus spell damage by a flat amount – before crit
304 Secondary Riposte Mod Chance to avoid riposte dmg from offhand weapon
305 Mitigate DS Offhand Mitigate enemy damage shield from offhand strikes
306 Wake the Dead 2 Conjure multiple swarm pets from nearby corpses
307 Appraisal Estimate the selling price of an item (ROG only)
308 Zone Suspend Minion Suspend a pet (ie: Companion’s Suspension AA)
309 Teleport Caster’s Bindpoint Teleport group to caster’s bindpoint
310 Fc_ReuseTimer Reduce reuse time of a spell or discipline
311 Ff_CombatSkill Limit to exclude combat skills
312 Observer Drop caster to the bottom of an enemy’s hate-list
313 Forage Master Increase chance to forage additional items
314 Improved Invis Stable invisibility
315 Improved Invis Undead Stable invis to undead
316 Improved Invis Animals Stable invis to animals
317 Worn Regen Cap Pushes worn regen cap (AA)
318 Worn Mana Regen Cap Pushes worn mana regen cap (AA)
319 Critical HP Regen Chance to crit heal-over-time spells
320 Shield Block Chance Chance to shield block an attack
321 Reduce Target Hate Reduce target’s target hate
322 Gate Starting City Gate to home city (ie: Origin AA)
323 Defensive Proc Chance to proc a melee guard from a spell
324 HP for Mana Convert HP to Mana (with a penalty)
325 No Break AE Sneak Chance to remain hidden when an AE hits
326 Spell Slots Grant additional spell gem slots
327 Buff Slots Grant additional buff slots
328 Negative HP Limit Damage that can be taken when unconscious
329 Mana Absorb % Dmg Use mana to absorb a % of damage
330 Critical Melee Dmg Mod Increase critical hit dmg (from base) by a %
331 Alchemy Item Recovery Chance to salvage tradeskill components on a fail
332 Summon to Corpse Summon a player to their corpse with a 0% rez
333 Doom Rune Consumed Cast a spell when a rune dissipates
334 HP No Move Decrease HP of a target that is not moving
335 Fc_Immunity_Focus Block next spell
336 Illusionary Target No data available
337 Increase Exp % Increase experience gained
338 Expedient Recovery Summon and resurrect all corpses
339 Fc_CastProc Trigger a spell proc off a spell (based on Spell ID)
340 Chance Spell Chance for a spell proc to cast another spell proc
341 Worn Attack Cap Increase worn attack cap (from items)
342 No Panic Prevent a target with low HP from fleeing
343 Spell Interrupt Interrupt spell casting on target
344 Item Channeling Increase chance to channel item procs
345 Assassinate Max Limit the max level assassinate can work on a target
346 Headshot Max Limit the max level headshot can work on a target
347 Double Ranged Attack Chance of double (RNG) archery attack
348 Ff_Mana_Min Limit based on the min amount of mana available
349 UNUSED Inc Dmg w/ Shield – Shield Specialist AA removed
350 Manaburn Consume mana to dmg target
351 Spawn Interactive Object Aura effect radius based on caster
352 Increase Trap Count On “TEST ITC” spell
353 Increase SOI Count Increase aura slots
354 Deactivate All Traps On “TEST DAT” spell
355 Learn Trap On “TEST LT” spell
356 Change Trigger Type No data available
357 Fc_Mute Inhibit spell casting
358 Instant Mana Current mana by a flat amount
359 Passive Sense Trap Chance to sense traps (ie: ROG Thief’s Intuition AA)
360 Proc On Kill Shot Proc a spell on a killshot
361 Proc On Death Proc a beneficial spell on death (ie: Preincarnation)
362 UNUSED Potion Belt – Quick Draw AA removed
363 Bandolier Increase bandolier slot (ie: Battle Ready AA)
364 AddTripleAttackChance Chance to triple attack
365 Proc On Spell Kill Shot Proc a spell on a killshot with a spell
366 Group Shielding On “Corr Test 1” and “Corr Test 2” spells
367 Modify Body Type Transform a target’s body type
368 Modify Faction Modify a faction (from spells and items)
369 Corruption Corruption counter – from cures and debuffs
370 ResistCorruption Corruption resist
371 Slow Decrease melee haste
372 Grant Foraging Grants foraging to certain classes
373 Doom Always Cast a spell once an effect fades or dissipates
374 TriggerSpell Chance to cast an additional spell on a target
375 Critical DoT Dmg Mod % Modify critical DoT spell dmg (from base damage)
376 Fling From an NPC spell/ability – Flight Master Hak`ouz
377 UNUSED Doom Entity
378 Resist Other SPA Chance to resist an effect designated by its SPA
379 Directional Shadowstep Teleport a short distance in a specified direction
380 Knockback Explosive (PC) Push back and upwards
381 Fling Target to Caster Pull a target (aka fling) to PC
382 Suppression Inhibit an effect designated by its SPA number
383 Fc_CastProcNormalized Chance to proc a spell off a casted spell
384 Fling Caster to Target Fling caster to target (ie: WAR Battle Leap ability)
385 Ff_WhichSpellGroup Limit effects to a specified spell group
386 Doom Dispeller Cast a spell on a curer
387 Doom Dispelled Cast a spell on the target being cured
388 Summon All Corpses Summon all corpses from any zone
389 Fc_Timer_Refresh Reset cooldown on spells
390 Fc_Timer_Lockout Lock out recast timers
391 Ff_Mana_Max Limit based on maximum mana cost of a spell
392 Fc_Heal_Amt Focus healing by a flat amount (after crit)
393 Fc_Heal_%_Incoming Focus healing taken by a %
394 Fc_Heal_Amt_Incoming Focus healing taken by an amount – after crit
395 Fc_Heal_%_Crit Focus healing by a % (before crit)
396 Fc_Heal_Amt_Crit Focus healing by an amount – before crit
397 Pet Add AC Increase Pet AC
398 Fc_Swarm_Pet_Duration Increase the duration for active swarm pets
399 Fc_Twincast Chance to Twincast
400 Healburn Increase group HP per point of caster’s mana
SPA List 401 to 500
SPA Affect Name General Description
401 Mana Ignite Decrease HP and mana per point of target’s mana
402 Endurance Ignite Decrease HP and END per point of target’s END
403 Ff_SpellClass Limit effects to a spell category (ie: cures)
404 Ff_SpellSubclass Limit effects to a spell-line
405 Staff Block Chance Chance to block a melee attack with a staff
406 Doom Limit Use Cast spell on target once max hits/spells reached
407 Doom Focus Used Cast a spell on bearer if hit by a spell (NPC spell)
408 Limit HP Cap HP at a percentage – detrimental effect
409 Limit Mana Cap Mana at a percentage – detrimental effect
410 Limit Endurance Cap END at a percentage – detrimental effect
411 Ff_ClassPlayer Limit to a specific class (ie: WAR)
412 Ff_Race Limit to a specific race
413 Fc_BaseEffects Increase base spell effectiveness by a %
414 Ff_CastingSkill Limit to a casting skill (ie: abjuration)
415 Ff_ItemClass Limit to an item class
416 AC_2 Armor Class (implemented to stack with SPA 1)
417 Mana_2 Mana (implemented to stack with SPA 15)
418 Skill Min_Dmg Amt 2 Increase hit dmg (as a bonus) by a flat amount
419 Contact Ability 2 Add a melee proc
420 Fc_Limit_Use Limit to hits caster can use based on a % per hit
421 Fc_Limit_Use_Amt Limit to amount of hit counters caster can use
422 Ff_Limit_Use_Min Limit to a minimum number of hits on caster
423 Ff_Limit_Use_Type Limit to a spell type used by a caster
424 Gravitate Gradual pull or push effect (often by NPCs)
425 Fly Levitation (found on illusions)
426 UNUSED AddExtTargetSlots (AA it used was removed)
427 Skill Proc (Attempt) Chance to proc a spell when a specific skill is used
428 Proc Skill Modifier Limit a skill proc to a specific skill
429 Skill Proc (Success) Chance to proc a spell if a skill successfully lands
430 PostEffect Alters vision (ie: NPC or quest mechanics)
431 PostEffectData Tint color effect if alter vision is in effect
432 IncMaxActiveTrophyBenefit Increase trophy slots that can be used
433 Skill Min_Dmg Amt 1 Increase hit damage bonus to a melee skill
434 Skill Min_Dmg Amt 2 On “Placeholder” spell on Beta server only
435 Fragile Defense Break spell early if any offensive action is taken
436 Toggle Freeze Buff Timers On “ABTest Buff Hold” and “Test SPA 436”
437 Teleport to Anchor Teleport PC to a primary or secondary anchor
438 Translocate to Anchor Teleport group to a primary or secondary anchor
439 Assassinate Chance/DMG Add an assassinate proc (ROG only)
440 FinishingBlowMax Add a finishing blow proc
441 Distance Removalp Cancel spell if enemy moves past a set distance
442 Doom Req Bearer Cast a spell once based on bearer’s HP %
443 Doom Req Caster Cast a spell once based on caster’s HP %
444 Improved Taunt Lock aggro on PC and decrease other PC aggro
445 Add Merc Slot Grants additional mercenary slots
446 A_Stacker Buff stacking blocker – with priority conditions
447 B_Stacker Buff stacking blocker – with priority conditions
448 C_Stacker Buff stacking blocker – with priority conditions
449 D_Stacker Buff stacking blocker – with priority conditions
450 DoT Guard Absorb a percentage of DoT dmg per tick
451 Melee Threshold Guard Absorb a % of melee dmg if threshold is met
452 Spell Threshold Guard Absorb a % of DD dmg if threshold is met
453 Doom Melee Threshold Cast a spell once a threshold is melee dmg is met
454 Doom Spell Threshold Cast a spell once a threshold of DD dmg is met
455 Add Hate % (On Land) Modify hate by a % once spell lands on target
456 Add Hate Over Time % Modify hate by a % per tick for a duration
457 Resource Tap Return a % of spell dmg as HP to caster
458 Faction Mod % Modify faction by a % per kill (ie: from potions)
459 Skill Damage Mod 2 Modify hit dmg from a skill by a %
460 Ff_Override_NotFoc Override a non-focused effect to use focus
461 Fc_Damage_%_Crit 2 Focus base spell dmg – before crit
462 Fc_Damage_Amt 2 Focus spell dmg by a flat-point amount (after crit)
463 Shield Target Increase melee shielding by a % (from NPC “Honk”)
464 PC Pet Rampage Pet chance to Rampage
465 PC Pet AE Rampage On “TEST SPA 465 Pet chance to AE Rampage”
466 PC Pet Flurry Chance Pet chance to Flurry on double attack
467 DS Mitigation Amount Mitigate damage shield taken by a flat amount
468 DS Mitigation Percentage Mitigate damage shield effect taken by a %
469 Chance Best in SpellGroup Chance to cast highest rank spell known by caster
470 Trigger Best in SpellGroup Cast highest rank spell known by caster
471 DoubleMeleeRound (PC) Chance to repeat a primary hand attack
472 Buy AA Rank Enable ability (some AAs can be enabled/disabled)
473 Double Frontal Backstab Chance to double-backstab from the front
474 Pet Crit Melee Dmg % Modify owner’s pet critical hit dmg (from base dmg)
475 Trigger Spell Non-Item Trigger a familiar or illusion upon cast
476 Weapon Stance Cast weapon stance buff
477 Hatelist To Top Index Chance to set PC to top of NPC rampage list
478 Hatelist To Tail Index Chance to set PC to bottom of NPC rampage list
479 Ff_Value_Min Limit effects based on a SPA’s minimum value
480 Ff_Value_Max Limit effects based on a SPA’s maximum value
481 Fc_Cast_Spell_On_Land Cast spell on other(s) if bearer is hit by a spell
482 Skill Base Damage Mod Increase base hit damage
483 FcSpellDmg_%_IncPC Focus spell dmg taken (after crit) by a %
484 FcSpell_DmgAmt_IncPC Focus spell dmg taken (after crit) by an amount
485 Ff_CasterClass Limit to caster class (ie: priest alliance spells)
486 Ff_Same_Caster Limit to caster of same class (ie: ENC alliance)
487 Extend Tradeskill Cap Increase skill cap for a tradeskill
488 DefenderMeleeForce % Decrease push effect taken by PC from hits
489 Worn End Regen Cap Increase worn endurance regen cap
490 Ff_ReuseTimeMin Reduce minimum recast time of a spell
491 Ff_ReuseTimeMax Reduced maximum recast time of a spell
492 Ff_Endurance_Min Limit minimum END cost
493 Ff_Endurance_Max Limit max endurance cost
494 Pet Add Atk Increase Pet attack/offense
495 Ff_DurationMax Limit based on maximum duration of spell
496 Critical Melee Dmg Mod Max Critical hit damage modified from base damage
497 Ff_FocusCastProcNoBypass No procs nor twincast can be used on effect
498 AddExtraAttack% (1h-Pri) Chance for additional primary 1-handed attack
499 AddExtraAttack% (1h-Sec) Chance for additional secondary 1-handed attack
500 Fc_CastTimeMod2 Focus spell haste
SPA LIst 501 – 527
SPA Affect Name General Description
501 Fc_CastTimeAmt Focus casting time amount (ie: BRD Quick Time)
502 FearStun Stun and fear (ie: BER Braxi’s Panic)
503 MeleeDmgPosMod Melee dmg by a % based on position
504 MeleeDmgPosAmt Melee dmg by a flat amount based on position
505 DmgTakenPosMod Melee dmg taken by a % based on position
506 DmgTakenPosAmt Melee dmg taken by a flat amount based on position
507 Fc_Amplify_Mod Focus spell dmg by a % – before DoT crit, after DD crit
508 Fc_Amplify_Amt Focus spell dmg by an amt – before DoT crit, after DD crit
509 Health Transfer Use caster HP to decrease target’s HP
510 Fc_ResistIncoming Trigger on fade a spell with a resist modifier
511 Ff_FocusTimerMin Limit by a minimum delay before trigger spell can occur
512 Proc Timer Modifier Delay a proc (for a period of time) from occurring again
513 Mana Max Percent Max mana by a %
514 Endurance Max % Max endurance by a %
515 AvoidanceMax % Max avoidance by a %
516 MitigationMax % Max mitigation by a %
517 AttkOffenseMax % Max offense by a %
518 AttkAccuracyMax % Max accuracy by a %
519 Luck Amount Luck stat amount
520 Luck Percent Luck percentage
521 EndAbsorb%Dmg Absorb damage using a % of endurance
522 Instant Mana % Current Mana by a % – up to a max amt
523 Instant END % Current END by a % – up to a max amt
524 Duration HP % Current HP by a % per tick – up to a max amt per tick
525 Duration Mana % Current Mana by a % per tick – up to a max amt per tick
526 Duration END % Current END by a % per tick – up to a max amt per tick
527 Bypass Mitigation Implemented as a fix to MAG Elemental Conversion AA