In case you’ve been living under a rock in the last several years playing EverQuest, the EQ forums have been flooded with quality of life posts, suggested fixes and needed improvement surrounding class spells and AA abilities. Well-established players in the EQ community spent countless hours over the years meticulously outlining their respective class inadequacies, errors and even offering proof illustrating the existing bugs surrounding their AAs and spells. Most of these posts have been met with crickets from the devs. Rarely, a small acknowledgement has been made here and there – perhaps to throw a bone or offer a glimmer of hope that players’ voices have been heard.

An official acknowledgement was recently made by Accendo, the EQ Community Manager, on November 4th, 2021, in regards to the outcry of no new spells nor AA abilities being seen yet in the current beta for the Terror of Luclin expansion. Accendo admitted that there was a lack of communication in regards to AAs and spells being delayed while reassuring the community that they will be included in the beta before it concludes. The full thread can be found here if you pre-ordered the ToL expansion (note: it will disappear once ToL beta is over):

Um – Hello? The expansion is due to release in December! While the candor of the post was initially met with some appreciation by the community, it caused a stir among several veteran players. It reignited bitter resentments for some, and left more questions than answers for others over the continued lack of AA and spell fixes and development. I reached out and obtained permission from several players to repost excerpts of their responses from the thread:

“While it’s good that there is an acknowledgement that it is late, is there still expected time to fix things that are incorrect/buggy/nerfs? Last year I can think of at least 3 which were incorrect values for my main class (beastlord) let alone other classes…”

Iribabh, Beastlord on the Cazic-Thule server

“AA development has been more hit or miss, but we’re at the point that we can’t even get bug fixes done. The new SPA for Magician Elemental Conversion (which has been bugged for two years) went in five months agoand has yet to be added to the spell… Players experience the game through their classes and they are a core component of character power progression. People are passionate about them and want to see them evolve.”

Sancus, Magician on the Xegony server

“… I’m sick of giving, or watching others present, long thoughtful insights into critical class/balance issues that are met with generic (and obviously Forced) responses or most commonly rather, utter silence. I see Absor and Ngreth, the Code team and all the other Content developers constantly seeking/gauging and implementing feedback to the betterment of the game all throughout beta every year (and often enough throughout the rest of the year), Then I tab over to a FF14 stream where the producer spends 30m justifying the most minor change in the world (small increase to teleportation cost) and explaining it so everyone will understand before continuing on their grindy multi day presentation on upcoming class/system changes for their next expansion.”

Scornfire, Necromancer on the Cazic-Thule server

Scornfire pretty much nailed the coffin on the thread with his response. Final Fantasy XIV has been out since 2013 and continues to put out fixes in a timely manner, while in EverQuest many spells and AA abilities continue to stagnate and remain unfixed for years which is a down-right embarrassment.

Note that EverQuest continues to charge a $14.99 monthly subscription fee which is equivalent to what most modern MMO subscriptions charge. Expansions start at $39.99, released annually. The lack of fixes and class development/support make these subscription and expansion fees highly questionable for me in recent years. Is it worth it to continue paying such fees that are the same in comparison to modern MMOs receiving far more dev support? I leave you with this question to answer for yourself.