Enchanter: AA Ability Guide


Updated: 12/10/21 for the Terror of Luclin Expansion

This guide will discuss Alternate Advancement abilities that I find can be largely impactful towards your gameplay. For other abilities not mentioned, it simply means you need to develop your own playstyle and wit to make use of them.

A large chunk of AAs have been auto-granted up to the Empires of Kunark expansion so far. You’ll probably want to work on completing certain abilities in the following order as a result:

  • aDPS + GoMs + Mneumonic Retention
  • Survivability
  • Personal DPS
  • Everything Else

The hierarchy of AAs have changed over the years since all tank classes can snap aggro in combination with spell subtlety AA already being auto-granted.

Mneumonic Retention gives you your 13th spell gem slot and won’t be further discussed below. Just know that you will have less of a struggle keeping multiple buffs up getting this ability.


aDPS AAs can either be passive or activated. When you sustain a spell rotation or keep casting damage spells, passive ones provide a chance to proc special things for your groups. Activated abilities are used during burns or in between. You’ll want to read the aDPS Guide for full elaboration on use.

Passive aDPS Abilities

Gift of Hazy Thoughts – increases the base damage of one direct damage spell by 60% and increases the crit chance of the spell by 100%. Any level 90 or above spell will have an 8% chance to proc this for you and your group. While the AA description erroneously states that it will proc off DD spells only, it can proc off BOTH DD and DoT spells you cast.

Tashan’s Lingering Cry – Every time you tash a mob, an additional debuff will automatically be applied that increases spell damage the mob takes.

Beguiler’s Synergy – this AA is directly tied into your highest pure nuke spell, Mindreap. Each time you cast Mindreap, you will have a 100% chance to proc this effect onto your group. Most of your sustained aDPS will come from this proc alone, provided that you cast Mindreap on cooldown as much as possible

Activated aDPS Abilities

Chromatic Haze – part of your aDPS burn line-up. Increases the base damage of 2 direct damage spells by 390% and their crit chance to land by 100%.

Illusions of Grandeur – part of your aDPS burn line-up. Increase crit chance for all damage spells to land by 13% and increases critical damage dealt.

Spire of Enchantment – increases crit chance for DD spells only to land by 9% and boosts mana regen.

Mana Upkeep

During long exp-grinds or events, you’ll find more often than not that you will have to rely on specific abilities for mana upkeep.

Gift of Mana

Passive AA. Grants your damaging spells a 10% chance to proc GoM, reducing the mana cost of the next spell you cast for 1 mana.

Gracious Gift of Mana

Passive AA. Pre-requisite: GoM maxed. Grants your damaging spells a 10% chance to proc this group version of GoM for your group, reducing theirs and yours mana cost of the next spell cast for 1 mana.

Spire of Enchantment

This activated ability is also mentioned under aDPS. You should always try to use it as often as possible to keep the mana flowing. It increases maximum mana pool and boosts mana regeneration for 1:30 minutes.

Gather Mana

Restores a chunk of mana after ability is activated and then boosts mana regen for a minute as a short-duration buff. Useful in recovery situations where you just got rezzed.

Self Survival

Enchanters will take a beating more often than other caster classes due to debuffing and crowd-controlling (including charms).

Passive Survival Abilities

Combat Agility – Increases your melee avoidance (chance to avoid mob hits)

Combat Stability – Increases damage mitigation (how hard mobs hit you)

Activated Self Runes

Eldritch Rune – At max ranks makes it pointless to bother with the unity line of runes. Prebuff yourself with this and then re-apply as needed. Absorbs up to a set amount of any damage.

Veil of Mindshadow – absorbs up to 60% of melee damage up to a set amount. Another rune to prebuff yourself with and then re-apply as needed.

Fade Abilities

Self-Stasis – Your self-fade ability to escape combat from mobs that are up to 5 levels higher than you. It will also mez and invis you in place. You can click the mez portion off of you as soon as you need to bolt away.

Friendly-Stasis – Your targetable fade ability. I would not use this on other players. I keep it up as a backup for myself.

Group Survival

Abilities that can oftentime save lives in both Group and Raid settings. Glyph Spray in particular will be mandatory in raid settings.

AE Runes

Glyph Spray – this an instant AE rune spray (not limited to just groups), that will hit any players within a 200 radius of you with a large rune that will either absorb DD or DoT damage up to a set amount.

It is generally used in anticipation of a large AE damage that is about to hit. Most enchanters on raids will Glyph Spray and do a TB/MGB spell-guard depending on the type of AE that’s anticipated to hit.

Group Runes

Reactive Rune – this is a group rune that applies two separate runes into your short duration window. You will lose the runes the moment you zone.

One rune will absorb large melee hits and the other rune will absorb large DD spell damage. This is a good ability to use in anticipation of large damage about to hit your group. Sometimes I may use it if I see the group actively taking a beating to help save lives.

Crowd Control

There are a couple of great crowd control activated abilities that you will want to keep handy on a separate Hot Bar. These can reduce the need to use PB spells or Root spells, or even save you mana if you’re low.

Beam of Slumber

Doesn’t require a target. Mezzes up to 8 mobs in a large frontal cone from you for 18 seconds, applies roots on all the mobs that last over a minute, and applies an additional debuff reducing their hit accuracy.

If you have mobs directly on your sides and behind you, it won’t work due to the “frontal cone” part that you need to be mindful of. If you’re pretty slick and can move about fast to get them within your frontal cone area, then you really should not have a problem using this ability.

This ability also takes half a second to cast making it your fastest mez spell. However, unlike PB and Targeted AE mez spells, this AA only works on up to 8 mobs. The added root component of this ability also makes it desirable in cases where people keep breaking mezzes since the root component will continue to park the mob.

Note: If the mob cannot or is not mezzed, then the root will NOT be triggered.

Beguiler’s Banishment

Doesn’t require a target. This is your multiple-punt ability useful in places where mobs are mezz-immune. Like Beam of Slumber, it only works on up to 8 mobs in a large frontal cone from you. It will also push the mobs backwards, briefly rooting them in place for up to 18 seconds, and mem-blur them.

You want to be careful with this ability since the direction you face is the direction the mobs will be punted. You also want to try your best to not punt mobs on top of other players either.

This is a fast refresh ability that can be re-used every 8 seconds.

Note: The root component is short and NOT guaranteed to last up to 18 seconds.
Beguiler’s Directed Banishment
Single-target punt ability. It does the same thing as Beguiler’s Banishment.

Note: It shares the same timer with Beguiler’s Banishment.


Single-target, long duration mez, re-usable every 5 minutes. It mezzes a mob for 3 minutes and then triggers a debuff after the mezz wears off. The debuff slows the mob and reduces its hit accuracy.

This can be a great ability to use in cases where you just got rezzed and need to keep a mob mezzed for a long period of time while your group may be recovering from deaths. It doesn’t cost any mana to use.


There are some notable abilities that add additional debuffs either passively by casting certain spells, or by activating them. There are also AAs that eliminate the need to keep up certain debuff spells in your spell gems altogether.

Projected Somnolence

1. Grants your mezz spells a 30% chance to proc a debuff called “Deep Sleep,” reducing the mob’s accuracy.

2. Grants your slow spells a 100% chance to proc a debuff called “Somnolence,” reducing the mob’s accuracy.

This is a passive ability which basically does the same thing for either mezzes or slows. However, in the case of slow spells, you may consider casting a slow spell, even if a shaman slow is already on the mob, simply to apply the debuff proc to help mitigate damage on the tank.

A word of caution on raids: it is not worth taking up a precious buff-slot on the main mob. It is best to apply the debuff on a mob that’s being off-tanked for a long duration of time instead.

Mental Contortion

Activated ability (and takes 2 sec to cast) that reduces the mobs base melee damage, accuracy, and deals a small DoT for 3 minutes. It has a 9 minute re-use time.

Same principle like Projected Somnolence, it is not worth taking up a buff-slot on a main raid mob where there are limited buff slots. You want to apply it on a mob being off-tanked for a long period of time.

Abilities Used as Normal Spells

Why mem a debuff spell when an AA ability replaces it? There are also abilities that convert single spells into AE spells.

1. Bite of Tashani – casts your highest single tash spell as an AE spell instead.

2. Enveloping Helix – casts your highest single slow spell as an AE spell instead (limited up to 8 mobs though).

3. Slowing Helix – no need to mem a slow spell at all as this replaces it.

4. Eradicate Magic – no need to mem a cancel/dispell magic spell as this will remove up to 4 beneficial effects off the mob.

Personal DPS

Being both a DoT’ing and Nuking class, you get quite a few passive abilities to enhance these areas. Note that aDPS AAs (with the exception of Beguiler’s Synergy) are considered to also be part of your Personal DPS as well.

Here is a list of important ones below for purchase as they are not auto-granted to max-ranks:

Passive DPS Abilities

1. Critical Affliction – increases crit chance to land DoTs. Completing all ranks will give you a 33% passive crit chance rate for DoTs.

2. Destructive Cascade – increases crit damage strength for DoTs.

3. Destructive Fury – increases crit damage strength for DDs.

4. Fury of Magic – increases crit chance to land DDs. Completing all ranks will give you a 57% passive crit chance rate for DDs.

5. Focus: Drown – increases base damage of Pulmonary Grip.

6. Focus: Mindstorm – increases base damage of Mind Coil.

7. Focus: Mindsunder – increases base damage of Mindrift and Mindslash.

8. Enhanced Torment – increases base damage of DoT spells that have a minimum duration of 30 seconds.

Activated Abilities

Improved Twincast – Your one and only activated twincast ability guaranteed to give you twincast since all other casters get spell versions of TC as well.
Other DPS Abilities

Twinproc – Passive ability granting you a 22% chance to proc your weapon’s detrimental combat-activated spells. If you melee a lot this is where it’s worthwhile to also have NPT buff up on yourself just because of this ability.

Dire Charm – charms a mob up to the same level as you at max ranks and is guaranteed to stay charmed for 6 minutes.

Companion’s Fury – in places where you can’t charm, it’s acceptable to use your animation pet instead. Maxing this AA increases it’s melee DPS.

Dragons of Norrath Progression AA

By completing quests for either Sanctity of the Keepers or Power of the Dark Reign (you have to pick a side to align with) then a passive AA is unlocked granting you a 1% crit chance rate to both DDs and Dots, among other things.

This passive AA will bring you up to a total of 58% passive crit chance rate for DD and 34% passive crit chance rate for DoTs, provided that you completed all Critical Affliction and Fury of Magic AAs previously mentioned.