Enchanter: Overview

Enchanters are a utility class – buffing players, debuffing and crowd-controlling mobs all while providing aDPS to casters in group. aDPS stands for assisted damage per second.

Last Update: 02-18-2023

Enhanced Torment (previously, a Class AA) was changed to Enhanced Ruin (Archetype AA). Additionally, Enchanters received an increased percentage damage bonus for DoTs with a minimum duration of 36+ seconds to match the indicated seconds worth of increased damage at all ranks. This change boosted the Mind Storm line of DoT spells (ie: Mind Vortex).

Another big change for Enchanters is Beguiler’s Synergy. Enchanters can now utilize their synergy with chromatic-based damage spells, further boosting their DPS.

Highlights for the Night of Shadows expansion

Enchanters get the following new spells:

  • Level 116: Ecliptic Reinforcement
  • Level 117: Marvel’s Auspice
  • Level 118: Chromatic Conjunction
  • Level 119: Marvel’s Demand
  • Level 120: Gravity Surge

As usual, Enchanters will use their upgraded dicho/progression spells – Ecliptic Reinforcement. Marvel’s Auspice will replace the use of Deviser’s Auspice.

Due to the increased boost received from Enhanced Ruin, Enchanters will continue to not utilize alliance spells (Chromatic Conjunction).

Recommended AAs

  • Beguiler’s Synergy
  • Illusions of Grandeur
  • Chromatic Haze
  • Gift of Hazy Thoughts
  • Gift of Mana
  • Gift of Gracious Mana
  • Tashan’s Lingering Cry

Main Sustained aDP Spell Rotation

  1. Ecliptic Reinforcement
  2. Mindreap
  3. Throttling Grip
  4. Throttling Grip

General Spell Setup

  1. Shield of Inevitability
  2. Polyluminous Rune
  3. Mana Radix Aura
  4. Edict of Tashan
  5. Chaotic Puzzlement
  6. Night’s Perpetual Terror
  7. Polycascading Rune
  8. Ecliptic Reinforcement
  9. Mindreap
  10. Throttling Grip
  11. Mind Vortex
  12. Legion of Liako
  13. Marvel’s Auspice

Basic Game Play

  1. Crowd-controlling (ie: mezzing, etc) where needed/applicable
  2. Tash (resist debuffing) mobs ASAP
  3. Slow (if no shaman present)
  4. Sustain aDPS and burn often when Improved Twincast is available
  5. Maintain self runes and any relevant group spell guards in between

What Constitutes as aDPS?

  1. Auras – Keeping up Twincast and Mana Radix Auras for your group.
  2. Sustained aDPS – via a spell rotation (to proc special things for your group).
  3. aDPS Burn – by activating special abilities for a huge aDPS boost.

How to aDPS Burn

You should burn whenever you and your group’s Improved Twincast (ITC) ability is available. This is the correct order in which to burn:

  1. Forceful Rejuvenation
  2. Ecliptic Reinforcement
  3. Illusions of Grandeur + ITC + Focus Arcanum + Calculated Insanity
  4. Mindreap
  5. Chromatic Haze
  6. Click Your Robe Item (if you have one)
  7. Throttling Grip
  8. Mind Vortex

… and then continue your spell rotation to sustain aDPS afterwards. Once IoG wears off, you can then follow up with Spire of Enchantment.