Enchanter: Personal DPS Guide

Last Updated 02-18-23: Enchanter alliance continues to not be viable in the NoS expansion. Updated information for Enhanced Ruin (formerly, known as Enhanced Torment). Beguiler’s Synergy now also works on Enchanter chromatic-based spells.

Enchanters can dish out decent DPS, but do you know how, when, where, and why?

General DPS

Personal DPS should go hand-in-hand with aDPS. However, it is highly frowned upon to neglect aDPS for DPS. Due to recent changes in Beguiler’s Synergy now affecting enchanter chromatic spells, it’s hard to really “neglect” aDPS when it further boosts your own DPS.

Personal DPS AAs

  • Critical Affliction (Archetype)
  • Destructive Cascade (Archetype)
  • Fury of Magic (Archetype)
  • Enhanced Ruin (Archetype)
  • Focus: Drown (Focus)
  • Focus: MIndsunder (Focus)
  • Focus: Mindstorm (Focus)
  • Focus: Gravity Twist (Focus)
  • Twinproc (General)

Pet-Related AAs

  • Companion’s Fury
  • Companion’s Fortification
  • Dire Charm

Burn Order

  1. Forceful Rejuvenation
  2. Ecliptic Reinforcement
  3. Social Key – instantly activate IoG + ITC + CI + FA together
  4. Mindreap
  5. Social Key – instantly activate CH (and gives acknowledgement in group)
  6. Robe Clicky Item
  7. Throttling Grip (or Gravity Twist if AE’ing 4 mobs together).
  8. Mind Vortex

Sustained DPS on a Single Target

  1. Ecliptic Reinforcement
  2. Mindreap
  3. Throttling Grip
  4. Throttling Grip
Beguiler’s Synergy

Let’s revisit what our own synergy proc does:

  • Grants Mindreap to proc Synergy on group 100% of the time (regardless if resisted)
  • Increases the base damage of 1 Chromatic, Fire, Ice, or Magic spell by 65%
  • Will get instantly consumed by either a DD or at tick of DoT damage

Chromatic Spells Benefit From Beguiler’s Synergy

Thanks to the December 6, 2022 patch, our synergy now affects our chromatic spells. We are doing better damage in conjunction with the Enhanced Ruin changes. This change should also give enchanters are a better incentive to aDPS properly.

AE Damage

RadoCat, from the EQ Enchanter Discord, deserves full credit here for mentioning Gravity Roil being useful for burning and DPS where multiple mobs are being AE’ed.

Enchanters can participate in some of the AE damage fun that other damage casters enjoy. Although it’s not too viable in group content, it does work under some circumstances on current raids and perhaps other places you discover along the way.

Gravity Line of Spells

  • They do NOT share the same timers
  • They can consume Beguiler’s Synergy (as they are magic-based)
  • They land an AE DD on up to 4 mobs
  • Can be Twincast for 8 times the damage
  • Bifold Focus (clicky twincast item) also works to Twincast
  • They don’t use a lot of mana
  • These are Targeted AE spells that can fling you up into the air if you’re too close
  • Current raid mobs are immune to the push up components

Realistically, you want to see 4 mobs to benefit from the multiplied damage and make it worthwhile to use such spells. Otherwise, you may end up doing far less damage than using your usual spells.

I haven’t personally played around with using Gravity Twist as a second AE, but due to the 6 second recast time on such spells, I don’t think it’s viable to use more than the highest level Gravity spell in order to not diminish aDPS for the rest of the group. It may also diminish your own personal DPS, too.

AE Spell Rotation

  1. Composite Reinforcement
  2. Mindreap
  3. Gravity Roil – to use Beguiler’s Synergy proc
  4. Throttling Grip

Raid Mobs Don’t Get Flung Up in the Air

When using Gravity spells on raid mobs, the mobs are immune to being flung in the air. This makes them better for use on raids than in non-raid settings.

AE’ing When Burning

When using your aDPS burn, and if you are burning with at least 4 mobs present and clustered within AE range, your burn order will look like this instead:

  1. Forceful Rejuvenation
  2. Ecliptic Reinforcement
  3. Social Key – to instantly activate IoG + ITC + CI + FA together
  4. Mindreap
  5. Social Key – to instantly activate CH (and gives acknowledgement in group)
  6. Robe Clicky Item
  7. Gravity Surge
  8. Mind Vortex
DoT’ing Multiple Mobs

AE’ing won’t be viable with multiple adds spread out. This is where using a Double-DoT rotation works best. In the General Guide, this rotation was briefly mentioned as:

  1. Ecliptic Reinforcement
  2. Mindreap
  3. Mind Vortex
  4. Throttling Grip

Mind Vortex (lvl 120 spell) – is an enchanter’s best DoT spell. It has a base duration of 30 seconds and extended to 36 seconds with focus. It does damage every six seconds from when it’s applied on a mob.

Throttling Grip (lvl 118) – does an initial DD upon landing on a mob and applies a DoT. It has a base duration of 48 seconds and extended anywhere from from 0:54 to 1:00 min with focus. This spell is considered an enchanter’s best DD spell and second-best DoT spell all in one.

Spreading DoTs

Just like druids and necromancers, enchanters can spread their DoTs on mobs by simply cycling through targets or looking at the extended targeted window (the latter is preferred). Ideally, you want to start with the highest HP mob that the MA is NOT on and work your way backwards. The goal is to maximize your DoT spell damage by applying them on mobs where they will last the longest. After you finish applying Throttling Grip (the last spell on the rotation) then move along to the next mob.

Mobs that Die too Fast

Understand that DoT spells do damage every six seconds. These six seconds are also referred to as a “tick” in game. If your Mind Vortex does not have a chance of lasting at least three ticks, then you’re better off just reverting back to the Double-Grip rotation for single-target damage.

Enhanced Ruin

This is a passive AA line needing a little discussion to help you understand why certain damage spells are currently used while others are not.

Enhanced Ruin (Passive Class AA) – increases the base damage of your DoT spells that have a minimum duration of 30 seconds by 36 seconds worth of damage.

Another way to look at this AA is that it adds 6 ticks worth of damage. This is 120% more base damage to DoT spells that have a minimum base duration of 30 seconds.

  • Mind Vortex – has a base duration of 30 seconds
  • Throttling Grip – has a base duration of 48 seconds

How AAs Affect the Base Damage of DoT Spells

We need to also examine Focus AAs, which further impact the base damage of DoT spells to see how they work together with Enhanced Torment

  • Enhanced Ruin – increases the base spell damage by 120%
  • Focus: Mind Storm – increases the base spell damage of Mind Vortex by 43%
  • Focus: Drown – increases the base spell damage of Throttling Grip by 43%
  • Beguiler’s Synergy – increase the base damage (of one DoT tick) by 65%

The Peculiar Case of Throttling Grip

While Throttling Grip is a DoT spell, it also has an initial DD component built into it. The Enhanced Ruin AA does not differentiate between the DD and DoT components. This results in both components receiving the 120% spell damage increase from it.

Throttling Grip Becomes Your Best Spam Nuke

… provided that you complete BOTH Enhanced Ruin and Focus: Drown AAs.

Throttling Grip, while marginally lower on it’s DD component than Mindreap’s damage (with all possible raid focus items factored in), can be spammed subsequently quicker.

Results in Declined Use of Alliance

Due to the Enhanced Ruin’s ranks in ToL, this has reduced the viability of enchanter alliance/coalitions on raids. With possible crit damage that can exceed well over 1.2 million on just one cast of Throttling Grip, it only makes sense for enchanters to use sustained spell rotations involving successive spamming of this spell (ie: Double Grip rotation). This trend continues in the NoS expansion now.

Note that Throttling Grip does not count towards enchanter alliance spells anyhow.

Cerebral Assault (Robe Click)

This is a clickable effect found on current content robes. It is part of your burn order – after activating Chromatic Haze, you click the robe on a mob target.

  • Has a 10 minute reuse time.
  • Lowers your target’s magic resist by 10
  • Increases the damage the mob takes from 10 chromatic-based spells by 89,964 points
  • Triggers Cerebral Relief (buff) on your group, restoring 6964 mana every 6 sec

Overwriting Issues

On raids, the Cerebral Assault debuff can get overwritten by other enchanters burning at the same time on your targeted mob However, you’ll continue to gain the group benefit from Cerebral Relief at least.

Burning on Multiple Mobs

In the case of burning on multiple mobs or add-waves of mob, it’s the only realistic scenario where you can try to micromanage the robe click. Or try your luck and randomly pick a mob that maybe your other two enchanters are not on.

The Not-So-Obvious

While the debuff itself has a 5 minute duration, it will wear off far sooner than that once the mob receives 10 hits of chromatic-based spells.

  • Twincast DDs will consume 2 of the Cerebral Assault counters
  • Twincast DoTs will consume 2 of the Cerebral Assault counters per tick

Unfortunately, you can’t see the counters left on Cerebral Assault. It currently is missing a worn off message as well, making it difficult to track.

Calculated Insanity

This is an activated AA ability that generally works best with ITC and Illusions of Grandeur, and why it’s included on the burn order with them.

  • Lasts 4 minutes and has 27 counters that get consumed by DD spells
  • Increases crit rate chance for DD spells by 95%
  • Increases the mana cost of DD spells by 54%
  • Increases the critical damage dealt by DD spells by 20%
  • Only pure nukes – such as Mindreap, can use it. Does not work on Throttling Grip

How Illusions of Grandeur Affects CI

Both CI and IoG have crit strength modifiers which stack

  • IoG has a 180% crit strength modifier for DD spells
  • CI has a 20% crit strength modifier for DD spells

These yield you a total of 200% increased critical damage strength to DD spells.

DD Crit Chance Rate on CI

If you recall the discussion in the aDPS Guide about passive crit rate chances, you should know that you’re already at a passive DD crit chance rate of 58%. This means that the 95% crit chance rate on CI will bring you to the capped amount of 100% regardless of when you use it. Therefor, this ability is not being tracked based on DD Crit Chance rates.

Why Not Use It for a Lesser Burn?

CI has become far less impactful to be used as a lesser burn in current content. Considering that enchanters are not keeping up multiple nukes anymore to run alliances, you may be wasting time while CI is on you (it lasts 4 minutes). The only nuke you should be keeping up is Mindreap, and that will take a while to consume all CI counters within 4 minutes.

How Improved Twincast Affects CI

During a burn running ITC and CI, any Mindreap nukes you cast will consume 2 counters of CI instead of 1. This makes sense given the fact that you are twincasting your Mindreap. ITC will allow you to make quicker use of your CI given the fact that you are only using Mindreap with it.

Alliance / Coalition Spell

This section has been left as a placeholder should enchanter alliance/coalition spells become viable again in future expansions. Chromatic Conjunction (lvl 118) is typically ran with 3 or more enchanters on a single mob. This also isn’t a spell you’ll be bothered using on mobs that die fast nor in exp groups alone.

How Enchanter Alliance Works

1. Make sure you have working GINA triggers. It is nearly impossible to keep track of who is casting it or when it fulminates, otherwise.

2. An enchanter order for alliance needs to be established ahead of time. It’s typically done in alpha-name order for sake of convenience.

3. Once your alliance spell hits a mob, a buff will appear on it. All other enchanters will have 18 seconds to collectively land 6 pure damage nuke spells to “fulminate” the buff.

5. Each nuke landed by the other enchanters will have increased damage from the actual alliance buff itself. It is only when it fulminates on the final 6th spell that it triggers about 3.3 million damage on the last enchanter’s nuke.

6. A pure nuke rotation is recommended.

Using a Pure-Nuke Rotation

This only works well if you plan on staying focused and ALWAYS fulminating alliances RAPIDLY. The rotation is as follows:

  1. Ecliptic Reinforcement
  2. Mindreap
  3. Polyluminous Assualt
  4. Chromashear

I’ve typically avoided using the Appropriation-line of nukes because they can throw off spell-rotations with gems refreshing out of sync.

Alliance Facts

There are some strange misconceptions about the alliance spell. Let’s dispel some of these:

a) Throttling Grip – has an initial DD component in it, but it does NOT work on alliance.

b) Your own nukes will NOT count on your cast of alliance. The devs made it this way so enchanters can’t fulminate alliance spells by themselves with Improved Twincast.

Both these points are addressed directly by looking at the spell data for Chromatic Coalition here: https://spells.eqresource.com/spells.php?id=61581

  • Slot 1: Increase Spell Damage Taken by 71855 (v484, After Crit)
  • Slot 2: Limit Target: Single
  • Slot 3: Limit Effect: Current Hit Points
  • Slot 4: Limit Type: Detrimental
  • Slot 5: Limit Min Level: 106
  • Slot 6: Limit Max Level: 120 (Lose 100% per Level)
  • Slot 7: Limit Max Duration: Instant Spells Only
  • Slot 8: Limit Min Mana Cost: 10
  • Slot 9: Limit Min Value: 3050 (Current Hit Points [SPA 0])
  • Slot 10: Limit Caster Class: ENC
  • Slot 11: Limit: Different Caster
  • Slot 12: Cast on Max Hits: Chromatic Resolution III Caza

Slot 9 does the check for Throttling Grip to not work, and Slot 11 does the check for your spells to not count on your alliance.


Charmed pets and Summoned Animation pets can be great ways to add a little extra DPS. However, you can only keep one type of pet up at a given time.

Charm Pets

Unfortunately, enchanter charming doesn’t give you mega-loads of DPS anymore. While primarily used for either baning or brief CC’ing on raids, I find that Dire Charm at least can give you a steady little bit of DPS where ever you can find a mob to keep it on.

Dire Charm AA (max rank) – is the ability I would use for mobs that you intend to keep as DPS and/or guarantee they stay charmed for 6 minutes. You can charm a mob up to your same level at max AA ranks. I have commonly used this ability on raids for both DPS and CC purposes.

Otherwise, the regular spell charms will automatically buff the pet. These are charm spells that will charm a pet up to a level below you. You can optionally throw a Night’s Perpetual Terror on the pet for a little extra DPS and healing, too.

Summon: Animation Pets

These pets are your summoned, permanent pets that you can travel from zone to zone and suspend in lieu of a charm pet.

  • Can give them pet gear! Yes!
  • Can be pre-buffed with raid buffs! Yes!

You can “suspend” the pet via the Companian’s Suspension AA to preserve its buffs and then unsuspend when ready to use it in combat. Keep in mind that if you die, the pet goes bye-bye.

Other Buffs to Give Animation Pets

When you pop the pet out before an event, make sure you also apply Companion’s Aegis and Companion’s Fortification buffs on it. Both of these are AAs that will automatically apply damage-mitigation buffs to the pet. This will especially help on any AE ramps or AE spell damage that may be going on.


Yes, you can and SHOULD melee where possible! You should also have Night’s Perpetual Terror buffed up on yourself. Here are the reasons:

Night’s Perpetual Terror

  • Casters that melee do high crit damage on the proc (with wizards being the highest).
  • Hybrid classes are the next ones that do medium crit damage with the proc.
  • Pure melee classes do the least amount of crit damage with the proc.
  • Pets do NOT do any crit damage on the proc and only deal base proc damage.

Twinproc (AA) – grants you a 22% chance to twincast your weapon’s detrimental, combat-activated spells.

With both these things in mind, as a caster you generally proc HIGHER crit damage from NPT and your weapon’s damage procs than pure or even hybrid melee classes.

Meleeing Does NOT Affect Your Spell Casting

This has been another misconception about caster-melee. The act of meleeing does not affect your regular spell casting. It does not make you cast spells slower. You can simply test this out on a combat dummy and see that you are still casting at the same rate as before even with /attack turned on.